Victoria 3 Discoverable Resources: How To Acquire Resources & Goods

Running a nation in Victoria is a troublesome process due to the large extent of detail Victoria 3 goes into....

Running a nation in Victoria is a troublesome process due to the large extent of detail Victoria 3 goes into. The pinnacle of keeping a country stable is to take better care of its population.

The population of a country works and provides manpower to generate an economy, but in turn, requires a few things for themselves – goods and resources.

Each country has a particular number of Natural Resources that it can extract and use to make goods. The goods, in turn, are classified into many different types. The population of a country may or may not, require the rest that strongly, but will almost always require the Staple goods.

Long story short, the effective extraction of resources and production of goods is not an easy process, and many players suffer from the game’s confusing mechanism. Hence, in this guide, we will be going over the types of goods and how to acquire resources in Victoria 3.

What are Goods in Victoria 3

Goods are products the population of a country desires to have. There are various aspects of goods, which may be classified into many categories like needs and luxury items.

There are four types of Goods in Victoria 3:

  • Staple
  • Industrial
  • Luxury
  • Military

In order to see the types of goods your population demands – and the amount of them that you have – head over to the ‘market’ section which is displayed on the left of the screen.

Your Pops will have various needs that need to be fulfilled, most of which include Staple and Industrial goods. Staple goods will serve as food for your population, and industrial goods will serve to fuel your economy. Military goods supply your army with weapons etc. This can be used to upgrade your defense or offense.

Luxury goods, on the other hand, are a different matter. Each Pop will have a different preference on what type of luxurious goods they want. If (along with the other basic goods) they are able to buy Luxury goods, their level of wealth and hence their social stature will increase.

A wealthier Pop is more likely to support your government and is also more productive in many aspects. However, as they get wealthier, they will demand more and more luxurious goods, which also need to be made available to them.

If not, they will get more sterile and are more likely to turn to radicalism. The exception here is that the wealthier Pops will have lower expectations of their government and can easily be turned around.

There are, however, a few anomalous cases when it comes to goods. These cases mostly arise from cultural obsessions and religious taboos and will affect the demand for goods from country to country depending on the types of Pops.

An example of this is the obsession of the French with Wine, meaning that they will demand more wine to be available. Similarly, higher demand for Tea by the British people.

How to acquire Resources in Victoria 3

Resources are your basic natural materials that are required to produce goods like food etc. There are a lot of resources available in Victoria 3, but they will vary from country to country, as each country has a particular number of resources its land can offer – called Resource Potential.

Arable Land, for example, determines the country’s maximum amount of land that can be used for farming and is limited by it greatly. Similarly, the Resource Potential of other resources like oil will determine how much oil you can extract.

These Resources also include items like Gold, Rubber, etc. Initially, many of your resources will be untapped, and you will have to discover them by means of advanced technology.

If you head over to the Goods Information page, you should be able to see the location, production, and consumption of all the Resources your country has to offer.

Clicking on the Resource will pop up all the information about it. After that, it’s all a matter of making the production buildings that extract the particular resource.

Moving on you might face a few difficulties extracting the resource even after making the required production buildings. This can either be a lack of technological research for that, or other resources required for the production of the resource in question.

Given these problems, it may be concluded that efficient production of resources is a time-consuming process, as you would have to make a whole supply chain keeping in mind many different variables.

A temporary solution to this problem though would be to trade for the goods you require with other countries.

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