How To Increase Authority In Victoria 3

Increasing your Authority is one of many ways to make your nation a world superpower in Victoria 3. Here's how to do that.

In Victoria 3, Authority is one of the three game Capacities that allow you to determine the capability of your country. Authority is needed to enjoy the benefits of having a larger population and not have them rebel against you.

Having high Authority can help you make your nation a world superpower and maintain order in it. So, it important to learn the ways to increase Authority in Victoria 3. Here’s how to do so.

Understanding Authority in Victoria 3

Authority is basically a concept that determines how much the population of your state is under the control of or listens to its governing body. A low authority could mean an anarchy state while a very high authority could also result in a dictatorship if citizens feel there is too much control over them.

At the beginning of the game, players start off with a base authority value. This value can then, later, be increased by implementing certain laws.

Your starting authority may depend on your country. Choosing one of the best countries in Victoria 3 could give you a higher authority rating at the start.

Some of these laws offer a percentage increase in authority, while others do so with a flat value increase.

Laws that offer your population greater liberties and freedom generally lower your authority value, like laws concerning the increase in the distribution of voting power.

Executing extremely strict laws while having low Authority can destabilize your country, where your citizens may try to rebel against the government. Hence, it is best to keep a balance when implementing laws until a newer source to gain authority is found.

Best ways to increase Authority in Victoria 3?

Authority is determined by the laws that allow you to keep your citizens in check and balance. The higher degree of check and balance you implement, the better authority you have on your subjects in Victoria 3.

Other than placing laws to keep a check on your subjects, you can also change laws and political party members to increase your Legitimacy. The higher legitimacy you have, the more authority you have as the ruler of the country. Similarly, advancing on the Technology tree will improve authority.

The following are the laws that affect your authority in Victoria 3. Make sure to know each of them because as already stated above, one of your main goals while building your nation in the game will be to increase your authority level as much as possible.

Laws affecting the distribution of power

Autocracy +250 Authority
Oligarchy +200 Authority
Landed Voting +150 Authority
Wealth Voting +100 Authority
Census Suffrage +50 Authority
Anarchy -50% Authority

Laws affecting free speech

Outlawed Dissent +200 Authority
Censorship +100 Authority
Right of Assembly +50 Authority

Laws affecting trade policies

Isolationism +50% Authority

Laws affecting church and state

State Religion +200 Authority
Freedom of Conscience +100 Authority

Laws affecting citizenship

Ethnostate +200 Authority
National Supremacy +200 Authority
Racial Segregation +100 Authority
Cultural Exclusion +50 Authority

Laws affecting economy

Command Economy +25% Authority

More Ways to Increase Authority

Other factors also contribute to your authority value. A popular ruler in command of your country will increase your authority value by a set amount.


Rulers with traits like the Political Operator gives an added 5% Authority boost. Activating the Church’s group trait, once you reach a happiness value of 5 with them, will boost your Authority value by 10%.

Technology Tree

Another way to increase authority is by making use of the Society Technology Tree. A part of this technology tree provides authority multipliers which become especially important once players start to implement more liberal laws.

The following technologies will affect your authority value.

  • Political Agitation: +10% Authority
  • Mass Propaganda: +10% Authority
  • Pan-nationalism: +10% Authority
  • Mass Communication: +10% Authority
  • Nationalism: +10% Authority

How to Use Authority in Victoria 3

Now that we know everything about Authority and the ways you can increase it, it’s time to look at it can be used or spent in the game.

Decrees Issuance

The Decrees tab on the bottom of your screen is an important spot where Authority works, which a lot of new players often miss. From this tab, you can do things like:

  • Violence Suppression (When law and order is going out of hand in a certain area)
  • Emergency Relief (In case of a lot of devastation)
  • Promote Social Mobility (Get more people into jobs and education)
  • Greener Grass Campaign (To increase migration attraction, if people are leaving)

Solving Budget Problems

If you find yourself surrounded by budgeting issues, Authority can be of great help to make money.

Adding Consumption Tax on certain goods will allow you to collect tax from everybody using them. For example, Luxury Clothes and Furniture are good items to put a tax on the rich strata. You will not only gain loads of money but also save the average population of your country from being badly affected. Make sure to remove additional taxes when you get enough Authority from any sources.

Manipulate Interest Groups

A very powerful way of spending Authority is using it to handle Interest Groups in your reign. You can simply go to any Interest Group and press the Suppress or Bolster button to make them do as you want them to. Doing so costs some of your Authority weekly

Authority cheats Victoria 3

You have the option to cheat your way to get higher authority in Victoria 3. For that, first, you need to enable your Console Commands in the game.

To enable console commands, go to your Steam library and select Victoria 3. Open the settings and enter the Properties menu. Next, in the General tab, look for the Launch option box at the bottom and type “-debug_mode” in the box. Then start the game to use console commands.

With the console commands active, you can press “~” (just below ESC button) to open the console commands.

  • Fastenact – Allows you to enact your laws faster
  • Norevolution – No revolutions will stand against you

add_clout[interest group][amount] – Allows you to change the political strength of any particular group

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