Vicarious Visions Might Be Working On “Robust” Diablo 4 DLC

It was nearly a month back when developer Vicarious Visions was discovered to be helping out in the development of Diablo 4. It now appears that Vicarious Visions might not be involved in as small a capacity as previously assumed.

During an earnings call for the first quarter of the 2021 financial year, Activision Blizzard chief operating officer Daniel Alegre stated (via PCGamesN) that “an extended team” has been tasked to ensure a smooth launch for Diablo 4.

Alegre in addition noted that the same team has also been working on “robust in-game content” which will help keep players busy post-release.

While Vicarious Visions was never mentioned by name, the developer behind the Diablo 2: Resurrected remake has reportedly only now been handed some reins to Diablo 4 which may as well make Vicarious Visions an extended helping hand.

Elsewhere within the earnings conference, Alegre confirmed that development of Diablo 4 has been progressing well, but refrained from mentioning any release windows. Blizzard feels that the new installment in the franchise will “advance the art of the action-RPG genre” and that the Diablo franchise itself is “nearing the start of its reincarnation” with multiple Diablo games on the docket.

In addition to Diablo 4 which will not be releasing anytime soon, the Diablo 2: Resurrected remake as well as Diablo Immortal for mobile devices have been slated for release around the 2021 holiday season. Alegre noted that the three Diablo games will help rope in new audiences across multiple platforms.

Diablo 4 will be launching with five playable classes: the barbarian, the sorceress, the druid, and the rogue which was revealed recently. That leaves fans to speculate on the fifth and final class, as well as speculate on the release window which currently sits comfortably around 2023 at the earliest.

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