Vanquish Teaser Image Added To Bayonetta PC Port: Remake Coming?

A small Vanquish teaser image has been added in a little 22kb update to the Bayonetta PC port, offering the possibility that a remaster of the game will be coming soon. While there’s no confirmation yet, there’s no real reason for Platinum to put that teaser in the game otherwise.

Vanquish was one of Platinum’s first few games, coming out in 2010 the year after the original Bayonetta. It focused on a DARPA agent named Sam Gideon, who must storm an American space station in order to stop a Russian attack on the United States with the stored solar energy on the station.

Vanquish got positive reviews on its release and is seen these days as an underrated gem, especially since it has the traditional Platinum over-the-top action that the studio has become so famous for. If the Vanquish teaser image is actually legitimate, and we will be getting a Vanquish remaster in the future, it can allow the studio to redo the game to likely be somewhat better than it was when it first released.

So, if you want to skate around in slow motion while fighting against gigantic robots all while dodging huge amounts of bullets and rockets from all directions, Vanquish is definitely something for you. It doesn’t have the same sort of combat that Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising does, or the same sort of plot Bayonetta does, but it’s good for a really fun romp that’ll last a few hours.

There’s no indication of when anything related to the Vanquish teaser image will actually be revealed, but with E3 still a few weeks away, we may be seeing something about it during one of its conferences.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see if Platinum puts out any more hints related to Vanquish in the future. We don’t know if it’ll be on PC, but considering Platinum’s previous hints, it may.