Van Damme’s Wife Gladys Portugues Files for a Divorce

Van Damme is getting divorced again. His wife Gladys Portugues has filed for a divorce and the couple will be separated for the second time.

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s wife Gladys Portugues has filed for a divorce once again.

Although the divorce thing is not new for Jean-Claude, considering separation from Gladys will be his fifth, but we all expected it to work especially after the re-marriage. The actor is 54 and Gladys 57.

TMZ reports that this is the second time the couple is getting divorced. They were first married in 1987 and then divorced in 1992. However, this was not the end of their picturesque love story they remarried in 1999.

After 15 years of marriage, Gladys has decided to pull the plug. Gladys filed a divorce in L.A. on Wednesday and mentioned ‘irreconcilable differences’. She is also asking for Spousal support and will no longer keep Jean-Claude’s second name, which is Van Varenberg.

Gladys further added that the couple has been separated for almost a month now. The have two children, who are both adults.

The actor discussed on a reality show Behind Closed Door that he is extreme bipolar, he has mood swings. There will be time when you will love him and then there will be those where who’d just want to slap him with iron rod. He said, ‘Sometimes you’re gonna like me, and sometimes you’re gonna hate me. But what can I do?’

Jean-Claude further added, “I’m not perfect…I’m an extreme bipolar, and I’m taking medication for this…When I was young, I was suffering those swing moods. In the morning, the sky was blue [when I was] going to school, and to me, the sky was black. I was so sad.”

The actor nicknamed muscles from Brussels is famous for his action movies, dark hair and athletic body. His hits from the 90s include ‘Universal Soldier’ and ‘Last Action Hero’. The Expendables 2 released in 2012 was also a blockbuster.

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