Vampyr The Sad Saint of The East End Walkthrough

Our journey in Vampyr continues with The Sad Saint of the East End. Jonathan now needs to go to the docks and he needs to find Hampton. The mission has a few complexities so it will be a little difficult to figure it out without this Vampyr The Sad Saint of The East End Walkthrough.

Vampyr The Sad Saint of The East End

First of all, head on towards the docks. Go to the west side of Pembroke hospital and head on towards the marker.

The enemies will not be that difficult and you will be at the gate soon. Talk to the people there and you will soon be at Tom Watts’.

Ask Tom Watts about the priest; Sean Hampton and he will give you the directions. Once you have them, you can accept a few investigations from the inhabitants of the place.

Before you go meet Sean Hampton you must collect all his hints; this is gravely important, since if you are unable to collect his hints before you meet him, you’ll find him dead which’ll end in terrible circumstances.

For the hints, first talk to Ichabod and select “I’m looking for Sean Hampton”, then select “I respect your refusal”. He’ll give you two hints about Sean Hampton.

The other hint will be given by Tom Watts. When you meet him select, “I’m looking for Sean Hampton” and then select “Did he return to his flock” afterwards.

You’ll eventually find out about Sean’s Night Asylum, its in the Western Docks.

At the Southwark warehouse; the one from the beginning of the game, you’ll find a corpse. If you loot it, you’ll find the Foundry Key. With this key, you’ll be able to unlock a door up a flight of stairs in the southwestern corner of the warehouse.

Keep heading up and you’ll find another door unlockable with this key on the third floor.

Unlock the door and at the end of the hall inside, you’ll find an important, Laughing at the Guard collectible placed on a shelf.

This collectible contains a clue for finding a hidden weapon that contributes to the Tools of Trade trophy.

Next, enter the warehouse and you will have to defeat Jimmy” the Spark” Barlow who is a boss. Just make sure that you avoid his flamethrower and are not flanked. If you manage to do that, you will easily be able to defeat him.

Focus on the boss rather than the minions and he will be down soon enough.

Once the boss is down, head on towards the next marker in your path. There will be minor enemies here and there but you will soon be at the second part of the docks where you can talk to the inhabitants.

Sean Hampton’s hideout will be here and you can talk to him. He will tell you to go to the sewers and the mission will end here

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