Vampyr The Eye was in the Tomb Walkthrough

Our Vampyr The Eye was in the Tomb Walkthrough Guide will tell you all about how to get through the 2nd mission of the 3rd chapter in a step-by-step process.

The main purpose of The Eye was in the Tomb is that Jonathan wants to attend the funeral of his sister. There will be a lot of problems and a lot of hiccups along the way, and this Vampyr The Eye was in the Tomb Walkthrough will help you.

Vampyr The Eye was in the Tomb

Start off by going towards the marker and defeating all enemies. Then, enter the cemetery gate and kill the Skals. Then, jump onto the balcony and talk to Lady Ashbury. She will advise you to head to the church.

Go towards Whitechapel and defeat the enemies before witnessing the cutscene with an anonymous character.

Knock on the church door and talk to the priest. You can confess your sins if you want. Then, go to the hospital or to Dorothy Crane’s house if you had charmed her. Defeat all enemies.

Dorothy Crane will be a boss fight if you see her and you need to deal with her like you would with a Skal. Just remember that she creates green smoke that is very poisonous and you need to avoid it like the plague.

Once you are done, use the key to open the chest and get rewards. Then, head back to the hospital and talk to the unknown entity again. At the hospital, you will see that there has been a murder.

Head to Edgar Swansea’s office and meet the character, McCullum. There will be a small confrontation and then you can end the mission by speaking to the Doctor.

How to find “A Strange Formula” to cure Headaches and Migraine
When Lady Ashbury advised you to go to the church continue west through the primary entryway out of the funeral. Go to the left side and search for a messed up spot in the fence toward the south.

You’ll locate a dead body. When you search the body you will find A Strange Formula and Light Blood Serum. That is the item you will use to learn, how to cure a headache.

Proceed with the west go onto the Whitechapel Old Road.

Turn left and search for a gallery across toward the west for teleporting there. Continue through the red door to enter the hideout at the other end.

You will find a workbench here that you can use to test the Strange Formula that you found to open the formula for medication to fix Headaches and other brain-related diseases.

You need this to cure two or three characters who experience the ill effects of migraines from the earliest starting point of the game. Like Ben Palmer and Oswald Thatcher who suffers from Migraine and Headaches respectively.

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