Vampyr Story Trailer Has Made An Appearance And It’s Bloodtaking

A new story trailer dedicated to Vampyre has recently been published by Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive. Vampyr is one of the well-anticipated RPG that shall hopefully debut coming summer. Vampyr’s Story Trailer has given a lot of insight into the story of the game.

It shall roll out on consoles and PC, that being said, the new narrative-centric video sheds light on some of the details regarding the plot of the game.

Vampyr is a crude word, while the normal humans fear and loath due to the hatred ignited against Vampyrs, which exists naturally. Vampyrs prepare to save themselves.

We see something similar happen in the Vampyr’s Story Trailer, we see Jonathan becoming a victim of a vampire and later he is transformed into a Vampyr.

While he transforms, he himself is figuring out the changes that are occurring to him. For him, his world is changing. Apparently, towards the end of the video, we see that he will have to defend himself from the ones whom he was a part of once.

Jonathan is implied to be fighting against this epidemic or the disease, while he himself is the disease.

So one thing is for sure the character in the game will be surely seen struggling against the fact that he is no more a part of the human civilization and that he will have to accept the fact.

Vampyr is scheduled to roll out on June 5 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.