Vampyr Best Skills Guide

There are tons of skills to learn in Vampyr and experimenting with all of them and trying to see which one works best with your style of play can be a nuisance. However, this Vampyr Best Skills Guide will help you with all of that.

Our Vampyr Skills Guide will tell you about all of the skills, how you can upgrade them and how you can get more XP when in the game.

Vampyr Best Skills

To upgrade your skills, find a bed and rest on it. Once you are resting on the bed, you will have the option to choose certain abilities to upgrade and you will be able to use the XP that you have earned in the game to upgrade your character.

Remember that time will move forward one night when you upgrade your skills and the consequences of your decisions will still be present in London.

Almost everything earns you XP in Vampyr. Kill district residents and you might be able to get up to 6,000 experience from them.

Developing medications and helping sick residents will also help you get more XP as healthy blood grants more of it.

Main storyline missions and investigations will also give you a fair bit of XP along with fighting random enemies and collecting tips from all over the game’s world.

The skills in Vampyr are split into two categories: Active and Passive skills.

Active Skills

Active skills are the skills that can only be activated manually in combat or out of combat. These skills are

Let us take a look at all of the skills that you can unlock and upgrade:


  • Abyss: Abyss: A void is created at the enemy’s feet and it deals a lot of damage to it and interrupts its attacks. The abyss then flings the enemy up in the air before slamming them down with monstrous force. In addition to ease that it iterates into eliminating the foes, it also puts up a bit of a heroic show for you to demonstrate.
  • Rage: This ability lets you lose control. A beast teleports to you and strikes them for a short time. Jonathan goes about, aggressively beating up enemies by not allowing them to hoard up around him. This skill is very useful for crowd control but the damage inflicted is less compared to other skills.
  • Blood Cauldron: The target’s blood will boil and explode. This will deal damage to a target and all enemies surrounding it.


  • Autophagy: This is the only healing skill. It allows you to drain your own blood to heal aggravated and normal damage. It is great for fighting strong enemies as you can fight, retreat to heal and then jump back into the fight.


  • Shadow Veil: Your stamina will drain but you will be invisible to most enemies. Attacking or dodging will reveal where you are. This is great for stealthily moving past enemies or surprising someone to get the jump onto them. However, this ability renders useless later on in the game as the stronger adversaries can see through the veil. Yet this skill is quite useful in escaping troublesome situations.
  • Spring: You jump to your target and deal damage to it when you land. This is a good initiation tool and can be used to deal damage to an enemy before the fight has even begun. Remember that if the target is stunned, the vampire will automatically bite it. This skill is very useful if you have a stun and bite play style. You can add a stun effect to the Spring ability through upgrade which will allow you to briskly move from foe to foe, draining their blood.


  • Claws: All living things in front of you take damage. This is a good melee ability that uses blood but deals a lot of damage. Can be very useful for healthy targets. The claw ability can be an alternative to melee weapons. It upgradability alone can dominate it over all other weapons as the damage caused by each attack is amplified with each upgrade. Along with that, you can also add a blood drain effect to the melee attack through upgrade.
  • Shadow Mist: This skill places a cloud at the target that explodes and does a lot of damage to the enemy. Remember that it is best to use it on stunned targets, as it is very easy to dodge. The damage caused by this skill is of a splash nature, meaning it should inflict damage on nearby foes as well. Remember that it is best to use it on stunned targets, as it is very easy to dodge. Also, this skill uses shadow stat which takes a while to recover. So, you might not afford to miss a shot as you would not be able to take a second chance for a while.
  • Bloodspear: This skill throws a spear that is made of blood. It can pass through the enemies in front of you. This is a very good-ranged skill that can be used to take out enemies from afar.

A good thing about this skill is that has a good range that allows you to engage enemies from a distance. And so, it is also a suitable alternative to a ranged weapon. whenever you find yourself out of ammo, the Bloodspear will come to the rescue, provided you have sufficiently upgraded the skill. The spear also has the ability to penetrate foes, allowing you to take down multiple foes in a row.


  • Blood Barrier: An invisible barrier is created which absorbs damage until it is wrecked or it fades. Best for regrouping after an intense skirmish when you have no place to retreat to. The shield created by this skill can soak up one good attack at its lowest level and can be upgraded to take as much as three strong hits before shattering.
  • Coagulation: Your target becomes defenseless as it blocks their blood inside of their veins. This means that enemies will be frozen in place and you will be able to heal or change your position.

This ability is helpful against bosses, more specifically when they are accompanied by a hoard of lesser adversaries. You can use the ability on the focal enemy, then take out all the nuisance to be able to concentrate your firepower on the boss from then on.

You can also add a blood draining effect in this ability by upgrading it sufficiently. This will allow you to drain your enemies’ HP while also freezing them momentarily.

Passive Skills

Passive skills cost XP points varying from 300 to 2000. The skill tree is listed below:


  • Body Condition: It increases the amount of health to a certain degree. This can be most useful later on in the game against harder opponents.
  • Physical Prowess: It increases the amount of stamina that you consume to attack or dodge. This is one of the best skills in Vampyr. Everything you do in this game requires stamina so it is recommended to level up this skill first.


  • Hard Biting: The amount of damage to a bite attack is increased by unlocking this skill.
  • Fast Regeneration: The amount of health taken by the enemies with a bite attack is increased.


  • Blood Capacity: The amount of blood stored is increased using this skill.
  • Big Thirst: It increases the amount of blood regenerated upon performing a bite attack. Best suited for players with an aggressive approach.


  • Medical Bag: The number of medicines stored is increased from 2 to 3 after unlocking this skill.
  • Cartridge Bag: The amount of bullets that your gun can hold is increased using this skill

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