Vampyr Hideouts Guide

Our Vampyr Hideouts Guide is about a particular section of Vampyr, the safehouses. This guide will help you learn everything on how to unlock these safehouses and what rewards you might be expecting after having spawned in one.

Vampyr Hideouts

Safehouses, a mechanic in many games (The Evil Within 2, the Grand Theft Auto series, etc.) allows your character a place for momentary rest and break from the chaos of the outside world. In Vampyr, it is no different.

In Vampyr, you can find a bed to rest and earn XP. Moreover, you can allow time to progress faster if e.g. a quest requires you to carry it out at a specific time of the day. Do remember though, events in the outside world happen with or without you.

This means there’s always merchants moving in and out of shops, there’s always people getting into brawls and such and such even when you’re resting.

You can unlock a hideout just by entering it. They can be found throughout the game. For completing the Knowledge compendium, all hideouts have to be unlocked.

Safehouses are basically just buildings or hiding spots that you can enter via from the balcony, windows, through the back door, etc. The most common one you will be encountering is Jonathan’s office at Pembroke Hospital (first floor).

Safehouses are mostly abandoned places holding a bed, a chest, and serve some other functions like crafting, leveling up, and increasing the character’s stats.

Regarding the chest, interacting with it will replenish your ammo supplies that will include bullets, bombs, rechargeable weapons, and Parabellum.

Just like in Bloodborne, ammo beyond what your firearm can carry will be stored and can later be collected via these chests.

However, there is no feature that lets you store items manually in this chest. It only serves to recharge and replenish your ammo supplies.

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