Vampyr Red Rivers Walkthrough

Red Rivers is a mission with a log of nostalgic value for Jonathan. It is relatively short but there might just be enough difficulties during your search for the murderer to need this Vampyr Red Rivers Walkthrough.

Our Red Rivers Walkthrough will tell you how to get through the entire Red Rivers mission in Vampyr in a step by step manner to ensure you can complete the mission easily.

Vampyr Red Rivers

Start the mission by getting to the corpse and looking at the hands. You will find a brooch of your mother and take it before searching the body. You will need to talk to the people around you before heading to the address that you found in the wallet.

Enter the flat and use your detective mode to follow the stains. Keep on following the stains (the path is quite long) and fight all of the guards that come onto you.

Keep on following the trail to the next body. Use all of the interact options that you have with the body and then you will automatically conclude that the rose is from the bouquet on Mary’s Grave.

Get onto the platform above when you see a character running and chase it to the end. When you are at the Cemetery, defeat all of the Skals and then get to the gates.

The mission will end as soon as you get to the gates and the next boss fight will start.

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