Vampyr is Coming to Nintendo Switch

The semi open-world action RPG, Vampyr, which was originally on PC, PS4 and Xbox One is now being ported to the Switch, Nintendo’s newest and current gen console.

Vampyr follows the story of Doctor Reid, a medical practitioner situated in historic London, with the game’s world being fictional but with inspiration from actual history that the creative team studied during their development.

Vampyr was developed by the same studio that brought you Life is Strange that was met with a successful reception worldwide.
The Nintendo Switch prides itself on the portability option that goes with its ability to attach to a connection with a TV.

Besides its own Nintendo exclusives like Mario Odyssey or Breath of The Wild, the Switch has also begun porting foreign titles, including the famous open-world RPG, Skyrim. FromSoftware’s Dark Souls remastered was also recently ported to the Switch earlier this month and now the most recent announcement is Vampyr being ported to the Nintendo Switch. As the developers expressed their interest in furthering the game’s availability to users.

Reid struggles on the gray line between upholding his doctor’s oath as well as sating his vampiric urges. Players are able to end the game without killing a single civilian should they please.

This, however, makes it very difficult for the player to level Reid and thus makes it difficult to also use the supernatural abilities in his arsenal. Such as the mesmerizing ability to mislead victims into dark hallways or convincing them to let Reid into their houses.

Since vampires are polite monsters and all. The game also contains 4 endings which are up to the player to reach the conclusion for. Combat is also more or less avoidable should the player follow a peaceful route and keep Reid’s cover of being a doctor up.

The release date for Vampyr being ported to the Switch is unconfirmed for now but is expected to be optimized and ready to play by next year hopefully. This adds another title to Switch’s ever-growing arsenal of games. The highly anticipated Smash Ultimate to release this December.

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