Vampyr Night Shift Walkthrough

Our Vampyr Night Shift Walkthrough will guide you through the entire quest right at the beginning of the second chapter so that you can move forward to the next one and get closer to the 3rd chapter.

Night Shift is the first mission of the second chapter in Vampyr. You are tasked with all sorts of things and you will need to find Dorothy Crane at the hospital.

Vampyr Night Shift

Once you wake up the following Night, exit your room and talk to Dorothy who’s trying really hard to grab your attention. Talking to her makes you choose from anyone of the answers given.

Once you’ve answered, Dorothy informs you about the hospital running out of antiseptics. However, Dr Reid is aware of making antiseptics but for that he needs few ingredients.

For the ingredients in Night Shift mission, Dorothy gives you a key that you can use to enter the old Morgue from the back entrance and find the ingredients inside.

Once you’re at the back of the Morgue, you’ll find a trashcan on the left of the alley with 2 grease and 2 screws.

Once inside, look for something that would be suitable for making an antiseptic. Keep an eye on the skals while in the area since you’ll encounter a lot.

Now, this may sound confusing but it’s the truth. Once you find the Ferrous tartrate from the cabinets inside the morgue, it will be a standard item for your enemies in the future, found in boxes all around the World.

2 Glass vials can also be found next to the entrance in the starting room. From the door, head down the hall from the left, head right towards the exit the morgue.

Unlocking it from the inside will give you access in the future. Head to the south corner to find a Glass vial in a cabinet.

Once you’ve found all the Glass Vials, keep going down the hall and come across a staircase that leads you to the upper level of the area.

There’s an entrance going down to the basement, unblocking it will give you a new objective of finding a key. You can also find an operating room on the left where you’ll find 5 shillings on a desk.

Get the notes from the basement and head on over to the main hall. There is a level 7 boss known as John Doe that you need to beat. You can beat it if you are good at dodging without much trouble.

Try to do many attacks before jumping back to recover some of your strength. Repeat this trick to eventually defeat the boss.

Once the boss has been defeated, collect the blood and get a recipe that will allow you to access new medicines once decrypted. Lastly, lift the Sodium hypochlorite and exit the building.

Remember to watch out for the enemies that have just spawned in. Take the ingredients to Dorothy Crane at the hospital to end the Night Shift mission.

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