Vampyr Healing Guide

Our Vampyr Healing Guide is for regenerating your HP in Vampyr and the sources you can use to do so. Since you will find yourself in peril around tough enemies most of the time, it is good to know what ways you can implore to heal Jonathan during the battle.

Vampyr Healing

While engaged in combat, you would have to make use of your Blood Meter. This builds up as you Embrace citizens of London or sneak up on enemies to suck their blood.

Alternatively, Blood Syringes that can be both found and crafted at workbenches can boost both your Blood Meter and health.

Anyways, in combat, you can press the L1/LB button to regenerate your HP to an extent at the expense of the Blood Meter. This useful skill is unlocked early on in the game and is known as Autophagy.

It lets you trade a portion of Blood Meter in return for a little HP. This is why you should always have some of your Blood Meter filled before you head into a fight.

Some passive skills like Fast Regeneration under the Bite skill tree can be unlocked. What this does is restore some HP for your character when he bites the opponents in the middle of the combat.

The skill will allow you to recover some of your HP during combat. Healing in combat can be very necessary, which is why you should upgrade the skill if you’re up for biting and stunning your enemies.

Remember, you can only bite enemies if you stun them via the use of Off-Hand Weapons like Mace, etc.

Lastly, you can heal via Blood Syringes. These can be constructed at workbenches that will require some materials that can be purchased from merchants or naturally as your progress through the game.

As you can view in the game’s menu, there is a different requirement for each level of Syringe that you can construct.

  • Level 2 Serum: x2 Watery Sturdy Blood Sample + x8 Ferrous Tartrate + x8 Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Level 3 Serum: x2 Watery Sturdy Blood Sample + x15 Ferrous Tartrate + x15 Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Light Regeneration Serum: x1 Glass Vial + x1 Watery Sturdy Blood Sample + Ferrous Tartrate + Sodium Hypochlorite

The Light Regeneration Serum will regenerate 300 HP right away, and then 150 HP over 15 seconds. Syringe can regenerate upto 400 HP in total, as is a quite reliable way to heal. You just need to look for or purchase the right components to cook the recipe.

Healing Citizens

You can also cure citizens in Vampyr. To do this, you will have to see if what the citizens are suffering from.

While talking to a citizen, use R2 or RT to see if what illness they have, and then you can press R1 or RB to ask them about a checkup. You will now be able to give them any medicine that they need, if you have it in your inventory.

Players can press L3 to check their blood condition. By checking the borough map that you have in your inventory, you will be able to see the current condition of all the citizens. You can then purchase and craft cures accordingly.

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