Vampyr Beginners Tips And Tricks

In these Vampyr Beginners Tips And Tricks, we will be guiding you on how you can start your journey in Vampyr.

We have curated the Vampyr Guide in which we will guide you on different mechanics of the game such as crafting, making choices, managing blood, healing citizens, and more below.

We have included everything there is to know about the game before you start it so that you can easily play the game and understand its mechanics.

Vampyr Beginners Tips And Tricks

You will need to understand the game mechanics fairly quickly because the game will start asking you to make important choices very quickly that will affect the overall story of the game.

Our Vampyr Guide intends to help you get ready for such situations in no time.

How To Suck Blood in Vampyr

Heal Citizens

You must be good to the civilians and heal them as much as you can. Healthy citizens will help in making the streets of London better. The city is already in a bad shape and it is up to you to cleanse the city of different ailments.

Healthier citizens will make the game much easier for you to play. You will also need healthier citizens to feed on, as sick people will not make for a good snack.

You will be required to craft medicines and cures to give to the sick citizens. You have Vampire Vision, which allows you to scan the environment and the people around you. You can use it to check for sicknesses and other needs around you.

When you spot a sick person, diagnose him and then give him a cure to heal him.

This will ensure that the city is in good conditions and its status is kept good. Avoid feeding on too many citizens as each time you feed, more people will get sick and the city will go into turmoil.

Since you are a vampire, you will need blood but you must feed on NPCs, which are least, connected to the story or have served their purpose and are no longer needed in future.

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Craft Items

Vampyr has a decent crafting system and it allows you to craft a different number of items that will help you in different situations.

You will need to look around for crafting materials and then you can craft these items by using a workbench in your hideout. You can craft weapons, items, and medicines in the game.

You also have the option to upgrade the weapons by collecting special crafting materials, which are a great way to make your combat easier.

You can find recipe books for more medicines as well throughout the story so make sure that you expand your crafting library. These items will help you a lot on your journey.

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Choose Your Morality and Playstyle

Vampyr is based on a morality system that you must follow throughout a single playthrough.

You will get different choices in the game that will determine your morality in the game and will also affect how difficult the game becomes for you at later stages.

We recommend that you stick with one choice and maintain that same morality and playstyle throughout that playthrough.

If you want to try out different options, we recommend that you try the alternate options in the second playthrough.

If you plan to go all vampire on the city, you must remember that with each NPC killed, you will have side quests, investigations, and hints lost. When you kill an NPC, they are gone for good from the game.

The same thing goes with your playstyle. Skill trees will identify what sort of build you are going for. If you plan to build a specific build, keep buying those skills.

Do not stray from others, as you will end up in the middle in the end with no special thing at your disposal. Focus on one specific build and you will find the game to be a lot easier.

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Drink Healthy

Even with vampires, drinking healthy is essential. You must do the same in Vampyr. When you feed on a citizen, any impurities in their blood will cause some blood loss and you will not be able to get much in return.

Feeding on a healthy citizen will give you a large number of experience points and blood.

After every night in the game, citizens will get sick. Since you are a doctor, it is your duty to keep the city healthy.

You will be crafting different medicines in the game to keep everyone healthy that in return keeps you filled as you get more blood from healthy citizens when you feed on them.

Craft different medicines, keep the citizens healthy and you will be able to get more experience points and better quality blood from them.

If you decide to feed on a citizen but he or she is sick, you can craft a cure for that medicine and cure them first. Once cured, they will be fed on for the highest quality blood and experience points.

How To Suck Blood in Vampyr

Blood is your Fuel

Probably the most important thing that you need in Vampyr is blood. It will help you be powerful and use your special abilities.

If you do not have enough blood in the game especially during combat, you will be very weak and will be unable to use your special abilities. We recommend that you always keep your blood level high.

There are different ways by which you can get blood in Vampyr. These methods are exceptionally good during combat scenarios because out of combat, you can easily find blood using different other methods.

The first method to obtain blood is by different abilities. As you play the game, you will be able to unlock special abilities and traits that can give you blood.

Abilities such as Coagulation, Claws and Shadow Mist are focused on providing you with blood. You must choose the correct skill trees for them to be most effective.

Always make sure that you make a balanced build in Vampyr that feature some decent blood gaining skills as they are very helpful later in the game.

Some abilities are also focused on retaining the blood, which also helps in using less blood for things which in-turn allows you to remain longer without the need of draining blood.

When you add blood-gaining skill to abilities, their damage dealing ability is affected. We suggest that you add them to low damage dealing abilities and avoid high damage dealing abilities such as Claws.

Another way to get blood during combat is by biting your enemies. You can bite your enemies when you stun them. This allows you to gain lost health back as well, however; this does not deal a lot of damage to the enemy.

You can upgrade this skill in the skill tree to make it more effective at damage dealing.

If you want to make this more effective, you must choose between building a bite build and a build focusing on any other skill. You will have to choose the correct skills in the skill tree.

If you do not want to make your bite a high damage dealer, you can stick to the low damage and drain blood and health out of the enemy.

The last method is the easiest, which allows you to get blood instantly. You can craft and use syringes in any situation to get an instant blood boost that fills your mana as well. You can do this safely away from your enemies.

Syringes can also be upgraded which will give you even more blood and mana with each use. Always keeps some handy for a quick boost.

Finding your Pre-Order Items

If you are one of the people who pre-ordered the game then you will have some bonus items waiting for you in the game. However, you cannot access these items right from the start.

You will have to first complete the prologue of the game that will introduce you to the game and its mechanics.

Once the prologue is over and you are allowed to free roam in the hospital, you can go to the second floor and head to your office. Inside your office, you will find a locker on the left side.

Inside this locker, you will find your pre-order items that are Dragonbane sword, Barker pistol, and Physician Suit.

This concludes our Vampyr Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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