Vampyr Eternal Thirst Walkthrough

In this Vampyr Eternal Thirst Walkthrough, we will guide you on how you can clear the first main quest of the first chapter Quarantine of the game Vampyr.

Vampyr Eternal Thirst

We have detailed everything that you will need to know about clearing the introduction of the game. We will also share some tips and tricks about how you can easily clear the Eternal Thirst chapter.

The first chapter of the game Vampyr consists of two main quests and the first main quest of this chapter is Eternal Thirst. This guide will be focusing on a detailed walkthrough about clearing the Eternal Thirst main quest.

Follow the Blood Trial

When the initial cutscene ends and you are back in control, climb down the stairs and head through the open door ahead. Press the on-screen prompts to learn the dodge ability.

Once you are down, go to the corpse and pick up the used stake. This will be your first off-hand weapon in the game.

On the corpse, you will also find a key. Use this key to open the door up ahead and open it.

Ahead, you will come across some thugs, which will be easy to defeat. The game will also teach you how to bite the enemies at this point.

This will give you mana and allow you to get your health back to full during combat.

Continue down the path until you encounter some more enemies. Defeat them with what you have learned so far and move on. Reach the stairs and go up to cross the bridge ahead.

Keep following the path until you arrive at the hole in the scaffolding. Here you will be required to use your Vampiric Powers and teleport to the other side.

Continue down the path and you will see some rats. You can drink blood from these rats as well so pick as many as you like and drain them empty. When you get to the other side, you will see a corpse. Go to the corpse and inspect it.

You will now be introduced to your sharpened senses, which are used to locate blood, collect information about enemies and people throughout the game.

Keep following the blood trail and you will soon arrive at a hideout. You can rest, craft items or unlock skills at these hideouts throughout the game.

Once you are done here, continue following the blood trail and you will soon arrive at the Turquoise Turtle pub. Go inside and interact with different people.

Tom, the bartender will inform you of a stranger who visited the pub earlier.

After the conversation ends, head upstairs to start a cutscene. Speak with the stranger upstairs who turns out to be Dr. Edgar Swansea.

Once the condition ends, go back downstairs and speak with Sabrina.

Tell her the truth about the stranger upstairs and you will earn a hint when the conversation ends.

Once the conversation ends, go to Tom and speak with him. Sabrina’s information will help you during this conversation.

After the conversation ends, leave the pub and follow the blood trail.

William Bishop Boss Fight

Keep following the path. You will encounter some more thugs along the way. They will be easier to defeat so you will have no problem with them. Keep following the trail until you arrive at a building and see a lot of blood there.

In the distance, you will see two people as well but they are mere shadows due to the distance.

On the wall, you will find a hit scythe. Equip your weapon quickly. It is time for a boss fight. The boss for this level is William Bishop who is a Skal. Skals are lesser vampires but they are much more powerful than human enemies are.

You must be good at dodging his attacks, as he will repeatedly try to jump on you to suck your blood.

Once you have managed to defeat the boss, head to the injured person Sean and a cutscene will initiate. Once the cutscene is over, go back to the dead Skal’s body and take a blood sample. A long cutscene will start at this point.

Once the cutscene is over, the Eternal Thirst mission will conclude.

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