Vampyr Districts Guide

This Vampyr Districts Guide is for the various districts and regions you can discover in London. Moreover, you can also find a list of NPCs you can interact with to possibly acquire their side missions or embrace them for blood.

Vampyr Districts

The four Districts that London is divided into for the story purposes goes like The Docks, Pembroke Hospital, Whitechapel, and West End.

Each district holds up to 16 NPCs that you can speak to and delve deeper into their background through quests. Each district also holds at least one safe house, the locations for which you can check at our Safehouses Guide.

Health status is divided into these 6 levels; Sanitized, Healthy, Stable, Serious, Critical & Hostile. Your actions are responsible for the health status of the district.

Of course, you could go all greedy and embrace these important citizens for XP and thus leveling up. However, you need to keep in mind that once you’ve sucked the blood out of citizen, they’ll not make an appearance later in the game.

Moreover, too many killings lead to the district being more hostile and thus the difficulty Level of that region goes up. If you deals with epidemics and treat the residents well your district will be a healthy district.

Additionally, if you sleep too much in the safe house, you’ll see citizens start getting sick and requiring a cure.

If health status falls below critical level more enemies will appear and citizens will die as this becomes a hostile district.

All of this, along with the number of fatalities mentioned above, contributes to the health status of the district which you can view in the Citizens menu if you’ve discovered that specific district.

This has ramifications like the prices going up at a merchant’s shop and some limited items being available and so on.

It’s best to keep these citizens safe until you’re done with all their quests and Investigations so you can embrace them only later in the game.


Each District holds around 16 Citizens that you can cure, embrace or head Investigations for.

Within each District, you’ll have an important figure, a central character or the ‘Pillar’ of the district as called by in the game. Again, you can head to the Citizens menu to point out the Pillar of a specific district.

Pillars have the most priority when it comes to story and how they’re affected by your choices. These are connected and related to other citizens. Killing them off marks a drastic reduction in the health status of the district.

However, Pillars will also have a high Mesmerizing Level and so they award a lot of XP when you embrace them.

It’s your choice really if you’re going for the greed or just being a good person! The pillars are mentioned below for each district:

  • Dr. Swansea: Pembroke Hospital
  • Sean Hampton: Docks
  • Dorothy Crane: Whitechapel
  • Aloysius: West End

A list of all possible citizens you can meet and interact with, divided according to their districts, and is given below. A good way to mark off on your checklist every citizen you’ve met in a district.

Pembroke Hospital

  • Beatrice Goswick
  • Mortimer Goswick
  • Harvey Fiddick
  • Dr. Thoreau Strickland
  • Dr. Waverley Ackroyd
  • Thomas Elwood
  • Thelma Howcroft
  • Clay Cox
  • Dr. Edgar Swansea
  • Rakesh Chadana
  • Pippa Hawkins
  • Milton Hooks
  • Dr. Corcoran Tippets
  • Gwyneth Granagan
  • Newton Blight
  • Oswald Thatcher

The Docks

  • Booth Digby
  • Edwina Cox
  • Seymour Fishburn
  • Stella Fishburn
  • Rufus Kingsberry
  • Enid Gillingham
  • Martin Nightingale
  • Dyson Delaney
  • Sean Hampton
  • Archer Woodbead
  • Sabrina Cavendish
  • Tom Watts
  • Ichabod Throgmorton
  • Rodney Grader
  • Giselle Paxton
  • Lottie Paxton


  • Clayton Darby
  • Cristina Popa
  • Joe Peterson
  • Harry Peterson
  • Barrett Lewis
  • Fr. Tobias Whitaker
  • Mason Swanborough
  • Loretta Swanborough
  • Dorothy Crane
  • Benjamin Palmer
  • Albert Palmer
  • Cadoga Bates
  • Richard Nithercott
  • Darius Petrescu
  • Camellia
  • Hsiao Shun, in the cemetery, north-east of the region.

West End

  • Emelyne Reid
  • Avery Cork
  • Clarence Crossley
  • Venus Crossley
  • Carolyn Price
  • Carol Price
  • Kimura Tadao
  • Charlotte Ashbury
  • Aloysius Dawson
  • Calhoun Russel
  • Carina Billow
  • Louise Teasdale, being held captive in the Sewers area.
  • Charles Jerome Albright
  • Usher Talltree
  • Pericles Baker
  • Agamemnon Baker

This is all we have in our Vampyr Districts Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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