Vampyr Combat Guide – How To Master Combat, Best Abilities, Endurance, Blood, Autophagy

One of the best things about fighting in games like Vampyr is the fact that you have a lot of freedom in how you fight. However, that also means that the controls are a little bit more complicated than they would be otherwise and use of this Vampyr Combat Guide will be of massive help.

Our Vampyr Combat Guide will tell you about all of the basics of combat in Vampyr and will acquaint you with some very useful Tips and Tricks to ensure that you are able to fight in a much more deadly and efficient manner.

Vampyr Combat

Before we head in, it is important to remember that opponents in this game do a lot of damage so most of your time will be spent evading and dodging their attacks.

A hit can be very devastating and downright critical towards the end of the game. For that reason, improve your Endurance as much as you can and dodge the enemy attacks.

Autophagy can also be very useful as it allows you to heal yourself. Choose a weapon that allows you to suck blood as this will give you the option to retreat from the fight and heal yourself before heading back in.

Combat Mechanics

Combat mechanics in Vampyr are simple. You push the square button for normal attacks and when pushed repeatedly, Jonathan executes a series of combos until interpreted. The triangle button is used for off-hand attacks which have effects like dealing ranged damage, draining blood and stunning the enemies. The circle button is used to dodge attacks and you will soon come to know how handy this button comes in Vampyr. In the end, the trigger buttons trigger the special abilities.

The most important mechanic of the game revolves around attacking, breaking away, and attacking once again. This is because most of your attacks apart from the special abilities make use of your stamina. Therefore, you cannot go around slashing and bashing through hordes of enemies as you will eventually tire up and lose it.

Therefore, it is recommended that you take up a more reactive stance rather than messing around with all the adversaries whenever you go into battle. In simple words, attack only after you dodge an enemy’s attack and only move forward to stun enemies and only to drain their blood to gain a tactical advantage. Moreover, preserve your stamina as much as you can only to use it when necessary.

The most important mechanic of the game revolves around attacking, breaking away, and attacking once again.

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How to Master Combat

Vampyr‘s Combat System is similar to Dark Souls in many ways and we all know how stupidly infuriating that game is, don’t we?

You need to manage all of your vitals: Health, Stamina, and Blood. You can use vials to heal health or your Autophagy for the same effect.

Stamina will allow you to dodge attacks so you need to increase your Endurance as much as you possibly can.

After that, you need to have as much Blood as possible as it enhances your ability to fight by giving you additional advantages.

After that, you need to have as much Blood as possible as it enhances your ability to fight by giving you additional advantages. The meter on the top left corner is your blood meter that determines when you can perform a special attack. You can fill this by locking onto an enemy and then pressing Y/triangle button to stun them and suck the blood out of them.

Your enemies also have a stun meter. A bar that you need to deplete in order to stun them and drain their blood. This can be done by rushing onto them by pressing the above-mentioned buttons. Remember that you will have to repeat this a few times to stun the enemy completely before you can drain their blood.

However, doing this will also quickly deplete your stamina. So, be sure to do this only when you are capable of fending off the rest of the enemies.

Towards the start of the game, do not indulge yourself into fight and brawls. Focus more on observing and staying back to read your enemies’ movements. This will be very useful; as this will help, you effectively dodge enemy attacks. Moreover, you will be aware of what your enemies are capable of and whether or not you should quarrel with them.

Remember that in order to get Blood, you need to stun enemies and then drain their blood away. Once their blood has been drained, stunning them again will be difficult.

Try to attack the enemies after they have done their move and they are the most vulnerable. Using your abilities will always fair well when in the midst of combat.

You will only have 1 ability at the start of the game, but you will be able to unlock the other ones as you progress forward in the game.

All of the abilities work well but I personally recommend Rage as your Ultimate Ability as it does a lot of burst damage to multiple enemies and can get you out of a tight situation quite easily.


New abilities are unlocked with the XP that you earn for doing vampire stuff on the streets of London. You can use this XP to get new abilities for yourself among other things.

Remember that you need to focus on a certain area to be strong enough in it to take out enemies. It is not possible to have a perfectly balanced character that is as effective as a character that has mastered one of the crafts.

You should focus on upgrading a few many abilities only, which you find useful in battle rather than rinsing every ability slightly.

You should always level up the basic powers such as your Health, Endurance, and Bite. Apart from that, you can either go the defensive or get powers that give you the ability to shield or freeze.

You can also go the Aggressive route and get attacks that allow you to wreak havoc up close. Beware, as this is a risky strategy. You can also go for Tactical Powers that will help you close the gap or run away from enemies among other things.

Enemy Types

Humans generally have 4 types and they are not that difficult to eat. Flame Swords can interrupt your attack but are generally not that strong so just stay sharp to beat them.

The human enemy type is the easiest to predict as they have only a single leap attack. You can easily read and predict their movements and attack when they give you an opening.

Brawlers are quite strong and you need to avoid being pinned down by them if you do not want to suffer the consequences. Flamethrowers are quite self-explanatory. Use long-range powers or get the hell out of there.

Lastly, Priests can blind you among other things to avoid them until they pause and raise their cross. Then, get behind them to surprise them and defeat them.

For the Vampires, Skals are easy enough to figure out on your own. Werewolves need to be watched out for as they have a long-range attack.

Brutes also are similar to Werewolves in that regard and you need to watch out for them or they will do multiple attacks in quick succession to take you out. Ekons have similar powers to you so learn to counter them and defeat them.

Lastly, Toxic Skals need to be dispersed before they can be engaged on and you must be away from them when they die as they explode upon their demise.

That is all we have for our Vampyr Combat Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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