Vampyr Bosses Guide

Our detailed Vampyr Bosses Guide is for adopting strategies against those big heavy-hitters at the end of each chapter. Since it can be tough to deal with these boss enemies, we have highlighted and outlined some advantages that you can utilize in battle.

Vampyr Bosses

Boss fights can be a real nightmare especially if you have been on a lower level this whole time because of your No Embracing Citizens policy. However, like any other bosses in any other RPG games, you can notice attack patterns and observe their movement to guess what they will do next.

With that in mind, we have compiled some of our personal guesses and tips to deal with every boss in Vampyr.

William Bishop

Level: Level 5

This will be your first boss when you have reached the end of Chapter #1 – Eternal Thirst. Since it is the first boss, it will be more about learning the combat mechanics than expecting a Dark Souls-y fight.

Mr. William can only perform melee attacks so avoid getting to close to him.

His only real threat is the charging move which when fully activated; William will dash towards Jonathan and suck the blood out of him to deplete your health and regenerating his in the process. This can easily be avoided by evading or dodging sideways.

Just keep using your weapon to deal enough damage and the boss fight will be over quicker than you can imagine.

John Doe

Level: Level 7

Towards the end of Night Shift in Chapter #2, you will face John Doe. In addition to the melee skills of the first boss, he is much more mobile in combat. Moreover, he can project a version of himself, a doppelganger to confuse you in battle.

This means that attacks can come from any direction and even multiple attacks at the same time.

John Doe can teleport forward or backward along with his leaping ability, so always dodge these attacks. Like the previous boss, avoid his charged attacks. Wait until you can only fight his true self and not any shadowy doppelgangers.

Keep healing yourself in the middle of combat via Autophagy that is to gain a little blood each time your strike the foe.

Sewer Beast

Level: Level 7

You encounter him when you reach the end of Rat in the Hospital in Chapter #2. More on the damage output side than the others; this belongs to the Werewolf family and is quite agile in combat.

Much more aggressive than the bosses before it, the Beast only leaves a little window for you to strike.

Do not be greedy and just land 1-2 hits before dodging away. The beast can teleport, perform charged attacks and take out a chunk of your life. This is quite the fast-paced combat that you can expect going forward.

Again, Autophagy will come in handy to heal yourself.

Vincent and Toby Sheen

Level: Level 14

You encounter these two fellas when you reach the latter part of Blackmail in Whitechapel in Chapter #2. Both will be using firearms albeit from different distances. Toby will be resorting to long-ranged shooting while Vincent will be up close with his shotgun.

Additionally, you will have to fight off some minions, two Guards of Priwen, who keep reviving when you have put them down. Focus on beating Toby first, by moving in closer to land hits. Then pay your attention to Vincent and his guards.

You need to evade shotgun-fired rounds from Vincent and at the same time, the attacks from the guards. Occasionally, you can eliminate the guards to get some HP back. Continue fighting until you have delivered quick but lethal blows to Vincent and have dealt with him.

Jimmy ‘The Spark’ Barlow

Level: Level 16

During The Sad Saint of the East End in Chapter #2, you will be facing Jimmy in a warehouse. He deals fire damage thanks to his flamethrower but do not worry. These sprays of flame are quite easy to evade by dodging sideways.

Also, do not care about the two additional foes that help Jimmy, they will respawn, again and again, so would be useless to eliminate them.

Jimmy is quite slow meaning you can deal damage, and then evade back, rinse and repeat. If you are having trouble, you can take on the optional foes to gain some HP. Otherwise, the fight with the Torcherer (get it?) should be a walk in the park.


Level: Level 18

At the end of Give a Dog a Bad Name in Chapter #3, you will encounter a quite tough opponent, Fergal. Just like Jonathan, he is a vampire who can teleport, create copies of himself and deal powerful melee strikes.

You need to keep quite a distance from him because:

  • His melee strikes are painful
  • The shockwaves he sends out push you back while dealing damage

He can also leap from the air to Jonathan’s current location, so keep dodging and evading.

When you are close to putting him down, he will become much more furious. He will send out more doppelgangers for you to deal with and will try to grab you for sucking blood.

Patience is the name of the game here; try to heal yourself as often as you can. Potions and Autophagy will be your friends. Deal with the enemy by performing quick slashes and strikes, and always look for a retreat from his or his copies’ attacks.

Mary Reid

Level: Level 21

Towards the end of ‘Forgetting about the past’ in chapter 3, you will see an old face, yet in a new and terrifying light. Your old victim, Mary Reid is back to haunt you as a vampire. She can perform ranged attacks, thanks to her wooden crosses.

Additionally, she will mess with the terrain around you by heaving blood to form blood clots on the ground. Avoid going near them because they can cause a knockback for Jonathan because of the explosion.

If this was not enough, she will occasionally, send out a scream in the form a shockwave that kills you instantly. The only way to avoid it is by equipping a skill known as ‘Blood barrier’ that acts like a shield and absorbs the hits.

In the middle of the combat, an interesting thing occurs. There is an innocent priest nearby, who will be the victim of yours or Mary’s bloodsucking adventure.

This means that even Mary sinks her teeth into Father, and then she will recover all of her lost health, right to the max.

You can avoid this by sucking blood off the priest before Mary, but this is not viable when you are on the No-kill Playthrough. Yep, you can unlock an Achievement/Trophy for it. Not to mention, how the ending differs based on your killing of innocent citizens.

Carry blood syringes at all times and that, with Autophagy will be able to regenerate your health. There are brief windows where you can attack Marry. This is when she is vomiting blood and every now and then when she is not attacking you.

Again, go for the quick but deadly strategy. You do not want to linger too long in her range nor touch the blood clots around you giving her an opportunity to attack. You will also do well with ranged firearms.


You have to fight Doris at the end of the theater chapter. She is a pretty easy boss in her base form, but things get a lot harder once she transforms into her ichor form.

After which she will have a huge grotesque arm to crush you with. It’s a giant arm so not like you won’t see it coming, try your best to dodge it and not be grabbed pummeled or hit in general. Oh, and heads up as she spits poison so watch out for the poison splatter as well.

Use backwards roll a lot to get out of both the arm swings and poison spits, use your ultimate, claw and shotgun and the fight will soon end.


This adversary is human, a vampire hunter in-fact. This might be one of the easier boss fights in the later part of the game, maybe because he is human? We won’t be pointing fingers though.

He uses ultraviolet lights to stun / drain your blood, with his crossbow for long range and his sword for close quarter combat.

He drinks a cure to thwart your powers, but you can still suck on him to replenish some of your health and powers.

Use your shield when entering the Ultraviolet light, your ultimate still works and if he is in the light just use your shield to follow with a combo.

The Disaster

Now this is the final boss of the game, we recommend to have upgraded health serums with you because you are going to need a lot of them. The first phase is you fighting Harriet, just look at her as Doris but a lot weaker.

After you defeat her, remember to drink her blood to replenish your meter, the true boss appears which is the Red Queen.

Now she is a monstrosity with a lot of bad and Bloody Red attacks to throw at you. For example when she first appears the whole stage will flood with red blood.

She is quite agile and often tends to explode in your face, avoid this attack by watching pout for her raising both her hands and quickly back away. And along the fight she will summon an army of Blood clones to fight you, don’t fight them, just dodge their attacks and they will disappear quickly.

And please don’t save your items for later use, this is the last fight, use all you have. All your serums and all your ammo.

Use your shield often to defend and save up to use your Ultimate, shotgun is very nice for close range damage. Soon the battle will end and you can finally see the ending you worked so hard towards.

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