Vampyr Blackmail in the Whitechapel Walkthrough

Our Vampyr Blackmail in the Whitechapel Walkthrough will tell you all about how to complete the quest in a step by step manner so that you do not end up getting stuck anywhere.

The third and final mission of Chapter 2 is longer than the previous ones in the game and it will take you on quite a wild ride.

Vampyr Blackmail in the Whitechapel

Head to the hospital and then to the other district by following the marker. You need to make your way to Whitechapel.

There will be quite a lot of thugs on your way so remember to be healthy and fully stocked so that you can take them on.

When you are close to Whitechapel, you will come upon a party of 3 thugs and Roger ‘The Wall’. Take out the thugs first and then focus on Roger.

Meet the citizens and talk to Darius Petrescu once you are done. Listen to his conversation with Dorothy Crane once he is done and then head to the church.

Talk to the journalist here and then go to the cemetery to talk to Richard Nithercotte about Darius.

After that, head to the post box and retrieve the letter. This will make Darius agree to allow you in.

Look about down stairs and then save the dying patient upstairs. T

he charm option is good for when talking to the woman, although this means you will have to face her as an undead later on.

After that, defeat the thugs outside the hut and make your way to the hospital to face the boss.

Try to keep your distance from Toby Sheen and Vincent. Approach Toby quickly and hit a few times before retreating again. Kill Toby first and then focus on Vincent.

Use the same approach and make sure you avoid all enemy attacks as even the smallest of hits can end up making a huge difference.

Once they are dead, talk to lady Ashbury at the hospital and head to your office to end the Blackmail in the Whitechapel mission.

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