Vampyr A Rat in the Hospital Walkthrough

Our Vampyr A Rat in the Hospital Walkthrough will tell you all about how to beat A Rat in the Hospital quest during the 2nd chapter of the game. Everything will be explained in a step-by-step manner to effectively guide you.

Vampyr A Rat in the Hospital

A Rat in the Hospital is the 2nd part out of the 3 in Chapter 2 of Vampyr. The chapter is not very long but there might be some complications along the way.

Talk to the man at Dr. Swansea’s office and then talk to Lady Ashbury outside the hospital. After that, talk to Harriet on the ground floor of the hospital. You will need to find 3 nurses.

The river near Clay Coxa and Gwyneth will have people talking who you need to eavesdrop on in the Vampire mode.

Follow your suspect right into the sewers and defeat all of the Skals that you come up against.

They will be around level 7 so they should not be that difficult to beat. You will be able to begin an investigation known as ‘Claustrophobia’ here as well as find a collectible.

Keep on going deeper and deeper into the sewers until you come across the Beware sign.

Go down from here and tackle the boss that seems to resemble a werewolf. Remember that this boss can regenerate its health by drinking your blood.

Remember that the fight will take time and you will need to use Autophagy quite a bit to get through it.

Once you have defeated the boss, he quest will be complete. Loot the body and the next quest will begin.

That is all we have for our Vampyr A Rat in the Hospital Walkthrough. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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