Vampires In Redfall Won’t Be Bullet Sponges

Arkane Studios’ upcoming co-operative shooter Redfall is coming closer and closer to release. As we learn more about it, Arkane Austin studio director Harvey Smith has also gone on record in a recent issue of Edge Magazine to tell us how the game’s vampires both differ from and resemble their classical bloodsucking brethren.

Our vampires are psychically derived, not supernatural.

Redfall focuses on the titular town, which has been taken over by vampires and their cultist minions after a science experiment went disastrously wrong. With all sorts of vampires and their allies running roughshod over the town, it falls to the players to save it. But while you can just spray them with bullets, Redfall’s vampires are still vampires, with all the weaknesses that implies, according to Smith.

We don’t do the bullet-sponge thing, because that’s not as much fun. That gets obnoxious, when you’re just dumping clip after clip into them.

Vampires can be taken out the same way humans can, whether by shooting them enough or popping their heads with a sniper rifle. However, you’ll need fire, electricity, or the classic stake through the heart to actually put one down for good. Players can also make use of UV lights to petrify them, allowing you to shatter them with one good swing. But Smith also says the vampires have powers of their own.

They can teleport, and warp space around them.

Various other Arkane games have given players enemies that have similar powersets to them, such as the Whalers in Dishonored, who much like Corvo are able to use the Blink ability and their leader, Daud, is even able to move when Corvo freezes time. Various characters in the game, like sniper Jacob, have even gotten their abilities from the vamps.

Redfall releases exclusively for Xbox Series X and PC on May 2 of this year.

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