Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt Tips

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt is a new PvPvE battle royale released for free on Microsoft Windows. In this guide, we’ll be showing you a few Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt Tips that you can utilize to emerge victoriously.

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt Tips

Getting used to the new gameplay and mechanics used in this PvPvE battle royale can be difficult for some players, as this is a completely new concept.

But, there is no need to go in blind as the following tips and tricks will help you master the game in no time:

Stealth is Key

Stealth is one of the important aspects of Bloodhunt that you need to keep in mind while on the streets. If you get caught by the civilians using your abilities or hit the alarm on the cars, other players on the map will know your position.

Make sure you stay stealthy by keeping away from the civilians as much as you can.

Do not get seen by the civilians while using your abilities. If you get detected, you will be visible to other players around the map with a red outline around you.


Before the match begins, you are spawned inside a hub area where you can see other players that you will be playing against.

In Elysium, you can change your character’s appearance, show off with emotes, practice your movement skills, and much more.

You can also get quests from the NPCs that are standing in the hub area. Completing the quests will give you Experience Points and more.

Don’t try to Go for a Dive

Since you are a vampire in a human form, you cannot swim in the water. Even if you come into contact with one drop of water, you will die instantly.

Basic Movement

You are given the ability to sprint across the map while sliding or performing high jumps. By going near the wall and holding the Jump button, you can climb that wall.

Pressing the crouch button while sprinting gives you the ability to slide. Combine the two of these abilities to perform higher jumps and cover larger distances.

Stay On Rooftops

The map is a combination of streets and tall rooftops. You can use your jump to get on the rooftops. It is better to stay and fight while on the rooftops to get you an advantage over the players that are on the streets.

Being on higher ground in every battle royale game is essential. The same is the case with this game. Rooftops provide you with an advantage over the players down on the ground.

The Entity

There are many armed NPCs roaming around the map and their main objective is to exterminate every vampire on the map. The high-loot areas are guarded by these NPCs that should not be taken lightly.

They pose the same threat as other players and are equipped with heavy armor and weapons. Going face to face against these enemies will be not the right choice during the final circle.

Get into their line of sight and you will get shredded so make sure you have a plan.


Since your character is a vampire, you can perform vampiric abilities on other players and NPCs that are walking on the streets. Every character has different abilities that they can use to help them in combat.

Good use of the ability can give you an edge over other players in a gunfight. Make sure you read about the abilities while in the Elysium by going to Journal>Tutorial>Archetypes.

Diablerizing & Revive

When you knock an opponent, you have the option to finish them by shooting them with your weapon or by Diablerizing.

Diablerizing the enemy will not only regenerate your health bar but will also grant you another Resonance slot.

When you don’t finish the enemy after knocking them down, they have 20 seconds to revive and run away from the fight scene.

You can choose to be honorable, and let the man live, or finish him right off for some extra health.