Take A Look At Valve’s Pyroland Room In The Company’s New Office

Do you remember Pyroland, the magical imaginary world that Pyro from Team Fortress 2 used to think of while setting people on fire? We certainly haven’t and Valve didn’t either and, as it seems, the company managed to “recreate” this candy land in their new office in Bellevue, Wash. Valve’s Pyroland Room is designed to make the office a fun place to work at and relax.

What’s not to love about this room? Employees in Valve’s new office seem can spend hours in the Pyroland room and ride the giant unicorn decorating the center of it, the Balloonicorn.

Matt T. Wood shared a picture of him riding the Balloonicorn via Twitter and, dare we say, Valve looks like a cool company to work for.

A day later former Valve employee Burton Johnsey shared a photo of the entire room on Twitter, stating that Pyroland “actually exists”.

Valve’s Pyroland Room is a significant tribute to the company’s loved FPS title Team Fortress and was one of the funniest areas in-game too. As seen in the “Meet the Pyro” trailer, Pyro sees Pyroland when he tortures his opponents, while he depicts them in his minds as babies floating around.

It was even implemented in the game in a funny way. By equipping the Pyrovision Goggles, Rainblower, Lollichop, Infernal Orchestrina, Burning Bongos, Balloonicorn, or Reindoonicorn, the player is allowed to see certain maps through Pyro’s eyes. As the Team Fortress 2 Wiki reads:

“Rockets and flares leave trails of bubbles, and explosions are replaced by confetti. When players take damage, they laugh high pitched, instead of shouting in pain, and “bleed” balloons. Gibs are the same as those in Birthday mode or servers with sillygibs on. Health pickups appear as cake slices, and ammo boxes appear wrapped as gift boxes.”

Team Fortress 2 may not be a popular title right now but it revolutionized the FPS genre with its unique gameplay that inspired many titles we play today. Valve is currently working on a card game based on Dota, Artifact.

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