Valve Is Already Developing A New HTC Vive Controller

Valve has announced that the company is working on a HTC Vive controller. Valve also showcased the the controller at at the Steam Dev Days conference. However, the event was not open for public, so developers who attended the event posted some pictures of the controller online.

Valve is yet to reveal any specific details about HTC Vive controller, but based on the images posted by Twitter user Daniel Blair, it seems that users will able to open their hands without dropping it. It is speculated that the controller will be track when the hands are open and will replicate hand movements and finger articulation with greater accuracy.

Speaking with Kotaku, Valve’s Doug Lombardi revealed that the company is currently gathering feedback for the prototype for now and also said that more details about the HTC Vive controller will be revealed soon.

That is not all Valve announced during its exclusive event. According to Jeff Bellinghausen of Valve a new Steam update will enable native DualShock 4 support on the platform. He further explained that the reason for releasing an update for Dualshock 4 is that both the DS4 controller and Valve’s own Steam Controller with featuring touchpad and gyro functionality.

The main reason that Steam update is focusing on DS4 over Xbox controller is that currently those who prefer Dualshock over Xbox controller has to use a third party tools like DS4Windows to properly use it in games.

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