Rumor – Valve’s Deckard VR Standalone Headset Announcement Coming Soon

Thanks to a recent Steam VR beta update, new clues have surfaced indicating that Valve's rumored Deckard VR headset could be close.

Virtual Reality is an important part Valve’s future plans. They already have Steam VR where you can connect different VR headsets to experience different VR entertainment products available on Steam. Last year, a rumor (by youtuber SadlyItsBradley) started circulating that gaming giant Valve is working on a Standalone Headset codenamed “Deckard”. The rumor was also corroborated by Ars Technica later whose sources told that Valve is indeed working on Standalone VR Headset.

Now, a new video by the Youtuber Bradley has been uploaded discussing more hints about Valve’s rumored headset. Actually, a new Steam VR beta update went live last night and he was able to data-mine it revealing new clues about the VR Headset.

In the source code, he was able to find a command “deckard_devtools” hinting that the rumored headset is ready for Dev Tools functionality and is far into development. He was also able to found a few hints about the operating system project Deckard could use and it apparently resembles a lot with Steam Deck. The headset would apparently be able to connect with our PC via Wifi. There are some other interesting tidbits in the video and if you interested, you should definitely watch it.

Moreover, on his twitter handle, he also shared some patent images showing drawing of a VR headset. Those drawings could very well be of Deckard.

Bradley also inferred that since all those hints are indicating that the product is far into development, we might actually hear an announcement for Valve’s Deckard Headset soon. Interestingly enough, Valve has a Steam VR Fest scheduled next month from July 18-25. It could be a good platform to announce the Deckard Headset? Well we will have to wait and see. Whether they announce it or not, Project Deckard has many VR fans excited and they want to know more about it as soon as possible. Let’s hope that it’s sooner than the later.

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