Valve, Blizzard Take on Lilith Games in Copyrights Lawsuit

Lawsuits between development studios is nothing new, but lawsuits based on actions that become so notorious that more than one studios come together to defend their intellectual property is a different story altogether.

Something similar has happened and game development giants Valve Corporation and Blizzard Entertainment have apparently come together and sued game development studio Lilith Games and publisher Longtu Game in Mainland China.

The studio is question has been accused of borrowing heavily – and illegally – from IPs that are owned by Blizzard and Valve. Soul Hunters which was previously known as Soul Clash is the game under scrutiny, and the developers claim that it has stolen copyright content from immensely popular games like World of Warcraft and Dota 2.

It is not the first time that Blizzard ha gone head to head with Lilith Games and the publisher; they had sued them in Taiwan for copyright infringements.

Back then, they had not taken the same step in China where their own IPs as well as the game made by the China based studio are played mostly.

The game Soul Hunters goes by the name “刀塔传奇” in China and in that name, “刀塔” is actually the official logon of Dota 2. The game also apparently steals characters from World of Warcraft as well as Dota 2.

It is pretty much clear that Valve Corporation and Blizzard Entertainment want an end to the copyrights violations, but my point in all this is why can’t we get rid of such practices in the first place?

What we need is more of dedicated gamers who come out and develop videogames.

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