Valve Bans Workshop Contributors After Copyright Infringement Issues

Valve has banned Workshop contributors after receiving DMCA takedown notices.

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Copyright infringement is bad and is universally frowned upon whether it is some educational material or even video games.

Today, Valve struck down hard in an announcement to the CS: GO community to set a clear example about their stance on this issue.

The game in question is Counter Strike: Global Offensive where some contributors shared two workshop items, M4A4 | Howl, and a community sticker, Howling Dawn.

Valve received a DMCA takedown notice regarding these and it turned out the work was not created by the contributors.

In response, Valve banned both contributors from Steam Community and they will no longer be receiving proceeds from both the items. The items themselves have been removed from the game.

Those who had previously purchased the items will get replacements created for them by the CS:GO team. The team is also adding Huntsman Case Community Sticker Capsule to replace the discontinued items.


In the future, Valve will not be shipping any item which is somehow linked to any of the two contributors who submitted these copied works.

Valve has also made its views clear regarding team submissions.

If two or more artists collaborate on a submission and the submission contains intellectual property that isn’t their own, all artists involved in the submission will share in the consequences.

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