Valve Artifact Game Would Have Reasonable Prices For Decks

The digital collectible card game has been under development for quite some time now. Now the Valve Artifact game is going to come out next month finally. But the developers are not looking to give its players unjustified prices for decks in the game.

The launch of the Artifact game will see to a comeback of Valve games development. The developers of the Artifact card game are more than concerned about the decks pricing. During an exclusive interview with PC Gamer, designer Skaff Elias and others talked about it too.

Let’s not forget the fact that Artifact is not your everyday CCG as it won’t be F2P. Users would pay the money ($20) right there and then at the Valve store. As the Valve CEO, Gabe Newell has stated in the past that it would save the time of users. Besides, it could avert the free content destroying the economy, according to Gabe.

As suggested before the Valve Artifact CCG is going to have a marketplace featured as well. This Steam Marketplace intends to regularize the buying and selling of decks. But many players felt let down after hearing about such a feature in the Artifact.

The reason behind a lack of acceptance among the fans on this matter rested on the out-of-range prices. The better the cards would get the more their prices will be, so not every player would be able to buy them.

Furthermore, Skaff Elias spoke about the decks pricing as well. He highlighting that although a range is not set $500 is completely unacceptable also. Elias stated:
“If there’s one expensive deck, maybe there will also be ten cheap decks. We definitely want to make sure a reasonable price for people to play. We would not want to see all the decks be $500 decks. It’s just not going to happen.”

The gameplay programmer for Artifact card game also commented on the card prices. Brad believes that it doesn’t mean a user buys superiority through expensive cards. Brad Muir said:
“The original philosophy of ‘rarity does not equal power level’ is more pronounced here. I think there will be decks that have a decent number of commons and uncommons inside of them. In the case of common cards, they’ll be so abundant that the price will have a hard time getting off the floor.”

Moreover, the Jeep Barnett at Valve believes that the game allows many possibilities. Barnett suggests that players can put their cards on the marketplace altogether. This option allows them to start over and use a different approach.

The Steam Marketplace won’t allow the players to get packs while playing. The Valve Artifact Game got announced last year. The release of the CCG based on DOTA 2 is almost here.

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