Valorant Platform Will Be PC Only Says Riot Games, Ports An Option For Future

Riot Games have said that their upcoming game Valorant won’t be on consoles to start with, but such ports are an option in the future. The Valorant platform, much like for many of Riot’s other games, is PC exclusive. There’s no telling exactly what platform it will be coming to.

Valorant is a new property for Riot Games, being a first-person shooter that also has a tinge of Overwatch in it, as many of its pre-determined characters have their own special abilities and supers that they can use during gameplay. However, combat is also more fast-paced and deadly.

While Riot has apparently been working on bringing such games as Teamfight Tactics and even League on occasion to mobile, considering Valorant hasn’t even released yet it’s a bit early to be thinking about the possibility of ports at the moment.

Riot themselves has said that their focus is on the PC version of the game for the moment, though they’ve also said that they’re open to explore opportunities for other platforms. Even if the Valorant platform does branch out to consoles, however, that still leaves another question.

Valorant is slated to come out sometime this year, so depending on when it launches it could end up being ported either to the Xbox Series X or the Xbox One, or the Playstation 5 or Playstation 4. The game is already in a beta so it might launch this summer, but who knows.

Considering that Valorant looks like a pretty solid first-person shooter, Overwatch might actually have some interesting competition even though Valorant doesn’t have nearly as many characters. Whether Valorant plays better on a PC or some other Valorant platform port remains to be seen, however.

Only time will tell if something new in the hero shooter genre will be able to dethrone Overwatch (though Riot has said that’s not Valorant’s intended purpose), but considering how popular League of Legends has gotten no matter how many other MOBA games come out, Valorant might just be that game.