Valheim Update 0.147.3 Released, Fixes Servers And More

Iron Gate Studio has released a big new Valheim patch that will make a lot of various fixes to the game so far. Valheim update 0.147.3 will be fixing the game’s dedicated servers, making localization updates, and in less serious news, turning down wolf procreation, among a number of other things.

To go through each thing individually, the game’s dedicated servers will now use direct connections, rather than using the Steam Datagram Relay. This will help lower latency for players. If you want to make a private server, you add the term “-public 0” to the server command line.

Along with that, the game is getting an updated dedicated server PDF manual so that you know how to make a private server and everything for yourself. Private servers can even be made local lan only by inputting a “-public 1/0” flag.

In less serious parts of the update, Valheim update 0.147.3 has had a number of other, more lighthearted adjustments made to the game too. For instance, as we said above, wolf procreation has been turned down, so players will have to fight less of them as they play.

The chance of a boss trophy that you’ve taken possession of suddenly gaining the ability to talk has also been reduced, and what’s more, object network interpolation has been made to skip that step if the object is far away, so you will no longer fly through the air while entering a dungeon or exiting a portal.

Finally, you won’t be picking up items when you enter a portal, and the game has undergone a Bonemass puke-effect network fix has also been implemented. So, if you’re playing Valheim, you might want to download Valheim update 0.147.3 as quickly as possible so that you can see how things have changed.

Since the game is still in very early access there will likely be a great many other updates in the future, but for now, you can find the patch notes yourself by following this link.