How to Defeat Moder Boss in Valheim

Moder or “Mother” in Swedish is a boss you’ll encounter in Valheim and just like the rest of the bosses in Valheim, Moder needs to be summoned in order to start a fight. This guide gives detail on how you can summon and defeat the boss Moder in Valheim.

How to Defeat Moder Boss in Valheim

Before defeating Moder, you must know how to summon it. It takes a lot of time and patience to summon this Boss and may take more than one trip to complete the task.

How to Summon Moder

Moder is summoned at a sacrificial altar. However, summoning the boss is not an easy task as it requires you to collect three eggs and bring them back to the altar and place them on the three bowls around it.

The difficult part about collecting the eggs is that you can’t collect them all together. Even after equipping the Megingjord belt, you can only bring two of the eggs and have to go back to find the remaining.

Once that’s out of the way, let’s focus on where you can find the eggs. These eggs are found in the Mountain area. They are really easy to find due to their unique, shining purple tint that gives away their location.

These eggs weigh at least 200 each and to spice things up, you can’t use any sort of Portal to transport them. This is the reason why Summoning Moder is far more difficult than defeating it.

Once you’ve finally acquired all three eggs, place them on the individual bowls surrounding the altar and wait till Moder is summoned.

How to Defeat Moder

Defeating Moder is much easier than summoning the beast. All you need is a Wolf Armor to be protected from the cold environment and Frost Resistance Meads. Once you’ve got these items in your inventory, you can head into the fight.

Moder possesses an amazing arsenal of move sets. She shoots projectiles while flying, these projectiles then take the shape of crystals upon touching the ground and that’s not even the end as they explode after the impact.

She also performs swipe attacks and you’re going to be opened for her claws. Apart from these, she also possesses a freeze attack where she freezes you with her blizzard breath.

The noticeable thing is her timing and attack delivery. If you manage to find the perfect timing, you can easily dodge her attacks and maybe follow up by shooting arrows of your own as a counter-attack. Also, one more thing to note is her roar.

Moder usually roars in between her attacks, which gives you the time to execute your own moves and take advantage of the situation. The reason Bows and arrows are recommended is because Moder is mostly vulnerable to ranged attacks.

Once you’ve defeated Moder in Valheim, she’ll drop Dragon tear and Moder trophy. You can create an artisan’s table by taking the Dragon tear to the crafting table.

The artisan’s table unlocks the blast furnace, giving you the opportunity to create black metal straps, which then create the strongest metal armors for your use.

This is how you can defeat Moder in Valheim.

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