Valheim Merchant Locations Guide

Finding the merchant in Valheim is quite necessary as he trades in useful wares and allows you to sell things, but he can be a bit tricky to find. In this Valheim Merchant Locations guide, we’ll tell you how to increase your chances of finding the merchant’s location and one guaranteed way of finding him.

Valheim Merchant Locations

The Merchant Haldor can help you sell and buy stuff in Valheim, and you can even get many new and unique items through him.

However, because each world in Valheim is procedurally generated, the merchant does not have a fixed location. But worry not, there is a way to increase the likelihood of finding him and one guaranteed way. Let’s take a look below.

Haldor the Trader

First of all, you need to know that the merchant Haldor will only spawn in the black forest biome. Early on, you don’t want to go looking around the black forest for the merchant because it’s one of the harder biomes and the merchant won’t have anything useful to trade.

When you eventually do go looking for him, you’ll see a sack icon that will let you know that the merchant is close by. Then you can simply find his camp to start trading.

When you finally find him, we recommend you place a portal close to the camp, so it is easy for you to travel back and forth whenever you need anything.

Now here is the complete list of all the items that Haldor sells:

  • Fishing Bait x50 (10)
  • Fishing Rod (350)
  • Ymir Flesh (120)
  • Megingjord (950)
  • Yule Hat (100)
  • Dverger Circlet (620)

As for what he buys, you can also sell off your Ambers, Amber pearls, and Rubies for 5, 10 and 20 coins, respectively.

Merchant Seed

If you want to guarantee a nearby merchant in a world, then you’ll have to create a map/world from scratch using a seed. With the seed, you reach the merchant guaranteed with just a few minutes of running on a defined path.

The trader seed was found by Redditor MysticPleb and, despite what it looks like, the seed isn’t a joke: 42069lolxd

Now you need to run on a specific path like this:

Valheim Merchant Seed

The starting area is at the top and you just have to run south. You will have to cross a wider bit of the river and then you will reach the black forest biome. Keep going further south and you will see the trader’s icon on the map.

This is a newly created world, but since you can change servers, you can use this world to trade with Haldor then simply go back to your own. You now have access to the trader’s location in Valheim whenever you’d like