Valheim Iron Farming Guide

Iron is an essential resource in the Survival Multiplayer title Valheim. You’ll want to stock up on as much Iron as you can to meet all your immediate and future needs. So, in this guide, we’ll tell you how you can farm loads of Iron in Valheim and highlight some useful recipes.

Valheim Iron Farming

Finding Iron

There are different ways you can find Iron and add it into your resources, from Iron deposits to defeating certain enemies. In fact, the second major boss of the game called The Elder, will drop a Swamp Key, an item that leads to a whole bunch of Iron.

After getting the swamp key, find Swamp Biome and use the key to open and explore it. Find a door made with stone and lit up torches hanging on its side. This door will take you to the Sunkey Crypts, a place where you will find Iron in abundance.

Make sure you have a Bronze Pickaxe so you can mine the iron deposits for iron ores. Inside the Crypt, you will find enemies ready to poison you, so equip a melee weapon to deal with them.

You can also find iron ores from Meteor Craters and also from the veins in snowy mountain biomes. Once you have enough ores, you need to smelt it to convert it into useable Iron.


A Smelter will be required, which can be built using 20 stones and 5 Surtling cores. An upgraded workbench will also be required to build the smelter. Once the smelter is ready, you need only to feed it some coal and putting the Iron ores and Scraps into it.


The smelter will create Iron and Bronze bars. These Iron bars can be converted into tools by using the forge. The forge requires 4 Stones, Coals and 10 wood with copper bars.

Once the forge is set up under a roof, you can use the iron bars to make some essential tools.

Iron Tools

These are some handy tools you can craft when you have some ready iron available.

  • Iron Pickaxes can be crafted using 3 wood and 15 iron bars.
  • Iron Axes can be crafted the same as Pickaxes.
  • Iron Longsword needs 2 wood and 25 iron! This weapon can be used to kill Greydwarf or a Surtling with one hit!