Valheim Fishing Guide

One of the biggest sources of food in Valheim can come from fishing. Catching and cooking lots of fish will mean you’ll always have plenty of stamina and health on hand. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get your hands on a fishing rod and start catching lots of fish in Valheim!

Valheim Fishing

To start fishing, you’re going to have to get your hands on a fishing rod. Although you can craft many items in Valheim, a fishing rod is not craftable at the moment. The only way to get a fishing rod right now is to buy one from Haldor the merchant.

So first, you’ll have to find Haldor. We have a separate guide on how to find Haldor the merchant in Valheim, so do check that one out as well.

After finding Haldor, you can purchase the fishing rod for 350 gold coins. Don’t forget to also get a 50 bait pieces pack for 10 gold coins as bait is needed to fish.

The fishing rod’s price is quite high, especially when you are at the start of your journey, so we would recommend that you focus your attention on the actual gameplay, build a base and prepare yourself to get through the black forest biome. Only then should you actually purchase the fishing rod.

Catching Fish

After getting the fishing rod, the next step is to catch fish and in order to do that, you need to get to the river or the ocean, whatever is closest to you. You can easily see fish populated area in the water, so make sure to cast your line in an area that is populated with lots of fish.

Cast the line by pressing the left mouse button and then you can hold it to further charge the line. With the right mouse button, you can hook the fish and then get the line back. When you have cast the line, just wait until you see bubbles coming up from water around the area; that’s when you’ve got a fish interested in taking the bait!

When the bait is gone below the water, that’s when you have to press the right button to hook the fish. When the fish is hooked, you will get a pop-up on the screen saying ‘hooked.’ Now start reeling the line back.

You need lots of stamina for fishing, so make sure that you eat sufficiently before you go out fishing.

Types of Fish

There are currently three types of fish in Valheim that each give an amount of raw fish resource dependent on their size.

These are:

  1. Small mouth bass: It will give you 1 raw fish per one catch.
  2. Medium pike: It will give you 2 raw fish per catch.
  3. Large Tuna: It will give you 4 raw fish per catch.

Now you can add another food item to your Viking’s menu.