Valheim Chitin Farming Guide

Valheim is a Viking themed survival game where you collect resources and materials from the map to build your fort and other items. One of the materials that is not so easy to find is Chitin. This Valheim Chitin Farming guide will help you find and farm all the Chitin you could want.

Valheim Chitin Farming

Chitin can be used to craft many decent weapons and armors and players often have a hard time finding it in the game. Unluckily, this material can be found at only one location in the game, and even that is random to find.

Where to Find Chitin?

To get Chitin, you need to farm it off the back of a sea turtle.

These turtles are found in the middle of the ocean. They appear as giant rocks, but you can distinguish them by looking at them keenly as they move up and down in the water.

You need to jump on the back of these turtles and then harvest the barnacles on their backs. Use a bronze pickaxe to do so. It is similar to harvesting other metal ores.

As you are farming the turtle, make sure you stay attentive as the turtle will dive under the sea after some time.

To tell when the turtle is ready to dive, it will start shaking. You need to get off it as soon as this starts so that you can get away safely.

Make sure you have ample stamina to swim; otherwise, you will drown and cause a huge setback.

How to Find the Kraken in Valheim

Unlike most mythologies, Kraken in Valheim is actually a giant sea turtle. Kraken can be found randomly on the map in the oceans of the game.

You need to locate the Kraken as you can farm loads of Chitin from the creature. It has a huge barnacle on its back that you can farm and gets more than enough Chitin.

Mostly, Kraken stays at its spawn location and does not move around a lot, so you should not have a lot of trouble finding it again.

Again, same as others, Kraken will dive into the sea and you need to make sure you have enough stamina to get to the land or your ship.

For an additional tip, we highly recommended that you get to these turtles in any type of boat, a raft, a karve or a longship, as this will allow you to use more of your stamina since you now don’t have to swim back to land.

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