Valheim Building Tips

Valheim’s vast survival world has you exposed to different kinds of dangers scattered all over the place. To defend yourself, you’re going to need a base to isolate yourself from different threats. In these Valheim Building Tips, we’ll be showing you the basic fundamentals to create a strong defense against the outside world in this Viking survival game.

Valheim Building Tips

Creating a structure isn’t as easy as you would’ve found it in other survival games. Making a building work requires you to account for structural strength as well as proper ventilation.

Before you get started with your construction career in Valheim however, you are going to have to make a hammer. Try to grab branches from anywhere around you and make a hammer initially. Branches can be found in abundance in the Meadows biome.

Creating a base opens up many other opportunities for you, one of which is the ability to use the crafting table, which requires you to build a roof before you’re able to use it.

A roof over your head is going to defend you from changes outside, which could otherwise harm you, such as temperature drops and other weather conditions along with any enemies that want to hurt you.

Building a Base in Valheim

The first step to creating a successful base is by putting down a foundation for your house. Create a flat area using your hoe tool and start placing the tiles down.

Depending on the structure in your mind, lay out a foundation that you can use to set up a structure accordingly. You can make a foundation by using short vertical beams or tall ones, depending on the height you require.

Floor Pieces and Walls
After you have put down the foundation, you’ll be able to put floor pieces up and everything should just snap together accordingly. Creating a skeletal structure with foundation, floor pieces and walls will allow you to create a design that best suits you later.

Once you’re done placing the foundation and the walls. It’s time to place the roof. If you want an angled design, you can create sloped roofs. To place things at an elevated height however, you are going to want to build a temporary staircase to get to that height for construction.

Defensive Measures
Walls and a roof on top might not be enough to cut it. The world of Valheim is full of various beasts threatening you at every step. To protect your house from being wrecked apart by enemies, it’s best to build a few defenses around the base.

Creating fencing or a boundary wall around the house is the best bet. You can use the defensive wall option in the menu to create a compound with your base inside.

You can also make defensive spikes around the area that prevents any enemy from getting too uncomfortably close.

Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure you have a fireplace ready in the house to save you from extreme cold. On top of that, you can cook all your provisions here as well. A fireplace, however, requires you to remove a floor panel and create a chimney above to prevent the house from filling up with smoke.

Keep an eye out for structural integrity to make sure that your entire base doesn’t topple. Put in proper supports at every step to make sure your buildings last over time.

Stack chests on top of each other to save yourself a bunch of space in-doors! Life hack!

Try to keep yourself oriented for getting the most use out of your base instead of creating something fancy initially (That is if survival is your main goal here).

Once you have what you need, you can go ahead and spend some time on beautifying your base with all the newly acquired resources.

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