Valheim Best Weapons Guide

Each weapon has its own use scenario, and not all weapons are the best against different enemies. In this guide, we will list down the best weapons in Valheim.

Valheim Best Weapons

In Valheim, there are many different types of weapons and each different weapon type has further different variants of it.

You can craft different swords, daggers, axes and more. But not all weapons are worth using. Below we have listed down the best weapons that you currently present in Valheim.

Abyssal Razor
Abyssal Razor is a dagger that is unlocked through Chitin mining. Daggers are lightweight weapons that don’t consume high stamina. Chitin is sold by Abyssal Barnacles at Kraken.

In order to craft the Abyssal Razor, you need:

  • Level 4 workbench
  • 4x Fine Wood
  • 20x Chitin
  • 2x Leather Scraps

Stagbreaker is a two-handed hammer. Hammers are blunt weapons that do heavy damage to enemies.

However, they are slow and consume high stamina. Stagbreaker deals some serious damage.

In order to craft the Stagbreaker, you need:

Frostner is a two-hander hammer made of silver. It deals three different types of damages to enemies: frost, blunt and spirit.

In order to craft the Frostner, you need:

  • Level 3 workbench
  • 10x Ancient Bark
  • 30x Silver
  • 5x Ymir Flesh
  • 5x Freeze Glands

Porcupine is a mace that deals very high piercing and blunt damage to enemies. This weapon is very useful against skeleton enemies. Porcupine mace can be crafted after you get Linen Thread.

It requires a level 4 forge to be crafted.

Abyssal Harpoon
Abyssal Harpoon is a spear weapon that is unlocked by mining Chitin. Chitin can be mined at the Ocean Biomes.

Spears do good piercing damage and are very useful when fighting trolls. Spears can also be thrown at enemies. In order to craft the Abyssal Harpoon, you need:

Atgeir is a special type of weapon. It does pierce damage to enemies and can also be used as a thrown weapon. Its special attack does knockdown damage but requires very high stamina to perform.

Draugr Fang
Draugr Fang is the best bow in Valheim. It applies poisons to the arrows fired from it. It requires silver in order to be crafted.

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