How to Get Miststone in V Rising

In this guide, we will tell you each and everything related to Miststones in V Rising including its prices, types and Miststone farming locations. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is Miststone in V Rising?

Miststone is a Gemstone found in V Rising that can be used to improve your equipment. You can even obtain weapons like the Sanguine Reaper if you have a large number of them. The difficulty is that getting your hands on them can be challenging.

There are three kinds of Miststones in the game:

  • Regular Miststone
  • Crude Miststone
  • Flawless Miststone

Regular Miststone

Regular Miststone is used to get

  • Flawless Miststone
  • Misty Necklace
  • Merciless Iron Reaper
  • The General’s Soul Reaper

Crude Miststone

Crude Miststone is used to get

  • Regular Miststone
  • Mist Signet

Flawless Miststone

Flawless Miststone is used to get

  • Sanguine Reaper

Miststone Farm Locations

There are three ways to get your hands on one of the aforementioned types of Miststones.

Mine Stone Nodes

The first method of farming Miststones in V Rising is to mine Stone Nodes with Crystal-like Shards emerging from them. You have a possibility of getting the following stones if you smash them:

  • Miststone (Crude)
  • Sapphire (Crude)
  • Ruby (Crude)
  • Topaz (Crude)
  • Amethyst (Crude)
  • Emerald (Crude)

There is no such thing as a guaranteed drop for a particular sort of stone, as there is for iron or copper ores. If you wish to farm or mine them, you only have two choices, which are listed below.

Attack Stone Golems

Attacking Stone Golems is the second way to obtain Miststones. Stone Golems will likely roam areas with stone nodes. If you aggro them by attacking, you can lure them towards nodes and have them break it. You can farm the golem and the node simultaneously!

Buy them from Traders

Buying Miststones from traders or merchants is the third way to obtain them in V Rising. They are available for purchase in return for silver coins.

Different Miststones have different prices and are sold by different Merchants.

  • Berk the Travelling Trader sells Regular Miststone for 24 Silver Coins
  • Gavyn the Shady Dealer sells Crude Miststone for 8 Silver Coins
  • Ottar the Merchant sells Flawless Miststone for 120 Silver Coins.

You can also utilize Crude Miststone to obtain its various versions once you have it. You can get a Regular Miststone by using 4 Crude Miststone. Similarly, you can get a Flawless Miststone by using 4 Regular Miststone.

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