V Rising will expand its endgame according to how players play

V Rising will remain in early access for a whole year despite looking and feeling like a complete game. The idea is to build the vampire-themed open world around players which includes a better endgame content.

Speaking with IGN in a recent interview, community manager Jeremy Fielding explained that developer-and-publisher Stunlock Studios wanted players to jump into V Rising as soon as possible. The reason was that Stunlock Studios wanted to observe how players interact with the open world and its base systems.

That all-important data will ultimately decide how V Rising is expanded through to its endgame before escaping early access with a full and final release.

“We know that there are a million base systems in the game that can all expand in infinite directions,” said Fielding. “We are leaving it a little bit open as we see how people interact with our systems because players will do anything. Especially if you give them an open-world game, how they play will always be different than what you expect. So we are planning to adapt to that.”

Stunlock Studios knows what it needs to do with V Rising. What it does not know is how to implement those ideas so that every base system in the game complements each other towards the endgame in a way players would want.

“The game design philosophy is that every system in the game should affect every other system, so we want to observe and adapt and fill out the scope going forward,” added Fielding.

The official Steam listing of V Rising notes that V Rising will expand its open world with new features and content throughout its one-year early access period. That includes new biomes and dungeons, new weapons and spells, new enemies, new crafting recipes, new castle decorations and cosmetics, and additional features “to improve the entire experience”.

“I think that when we do get to full release people will really realize what our intention is in this being a fully fleshed-out experience,” said Fielding. “And then after that, there are so many things we can still do.”

V Rising was released just last week and has quickly grown as one of the top-selling and top-played games on Steam for the given period. The game hit 50,000 players within its first few hours of release before hitting an all-time peak of over 150,000 players on the weekend. Even at the time of writing, around 85,000 players are turning feeble humans into obedient servants.

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