How to Use Dust of Azoth in Genshin Impact

This guide will explain how to get and use the Dust of Azoth in Genshin Impact for transmutation purposes once you have acquired the Parametric Transformer.

The new update for Genshin Impact, the 1.3 “All that Glitters” update, is now live! The update comes with new features for the game., one of which is an update to the alchemy bench that now lets players transmute gemstones using the Dust of Azoth.

Using the Dust of Azoth in Genshin Impact

Before the 1.3 update for Genshin Impact, only ascension items were upgradeable to higher tiers. But now, with the Alchemy bench, players will have a new tab that lets them transmute gemstones into other types.

Once you open this tab, you can see the requirements of the gemstones you want to build.

For example, to make a 5-star gemstone, you need another 5-star gemstone and some other items, along with the Dust of Azoth, to convert it into the one you want.

When you have the items, just click on the paper icon in front of said gemstones.

How to get Dust of Azoth

To get Dust of Azoth, you need to go to Paimon’s Shop. You are limited to 100 exchanges per month and you get it by exchanging it for Stardust.

The exchange rate is 5x Stardust for 10x Dust of Azoth. Although you need to be careful about how much you get and spend because every type of gemstone has different Dust of Azoth requirements, as follows:

  • Common/green – 1x Dust of Azoth
  • Rare/blue – 3x Dust of Azoth
  • Epic/purple – 9x Dust of Azoth
  • Legendary/orange – 27x Dust of Azoth

That’s all for this guide. However, this was not the only addition in the new update.

An important new item, the Parametric Transformer, was introduced, which lets you exchange your useless items for new ones; you can find more detail about Parametric Transformer in our dedicated guide.

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