Using PUBG Hacks Puts Your Personal Information At Risk, Hackers Extracting Private Data

Private information has become a major concern these days, especially, after the whole Facebook controversy. Protecting your personal information should be a top priority but are you unknowing putting your information at risk?

PUBG Corp. arrested 15 people in connection with the creation of PUBG hacks and after investigation, it was confirmed that PUBG hacks gather your personal information from your PC. This means that you are not only using an illegal hack but also putting you and your family (who may use the same PC) at risk. You can fall victim to identity theft, have your credit card information stolen while shopping online, and what not.

Unlike Facebook, who is allegedly selling your information to ad-agencies, these hackers can use your information to actually harm your personal life. According to PUBG Corp.:

The longstanding rumor that hacking/cheating programs extract information from users’ PCs has been confirmed to be true. Using illegal programs not only disrupts others, but can end up with you handing over your personal information.

We’ll continue to crack down on hacking/cheating programs (and their creators) until our players are free to battle it out in a totally fair environment.

Developers are doing what they can and only time will tell how much they can contain the hacking situation in PUBG. They are releasing daily updates and have now made arrests.

PUBG hacking is a major issue and it is affecting the game’s popularity as well. Fortnite is now the dominant force in the Battle Royale space and one of the reasons is the sheer number of hackers in PUBG. Hopefully, things will improve this year as PUBG Corp. takes decisive action.

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