Use Your My Nintendo Coins To Pay For Switch Online Membership

Nintendo is asking for $20 a year for Nintendo Switch online membership which might seem very reasonable but hs nothing going for it when it comes to actual benefits. However, turns out you can use your worthless My Nintendo coins to play for the membership.

Nintendo recently updated the FAQ for Switch online membership which notes that players can use their My Nintendo coins to pay for the membership. However, only the Gold Coins can be used to pay for Switch online membership.

For some users, the membership could be free, however, these My Nintendo Gold Coins could be used for discounts on Nintendo eShop. It is a good step on Nintendo’s part which will definitely benefit Switch users.

Nintendo Switch online membership is required to play online games, however, there are some games that are exceptions like Fortnite which can be played online without having to subscribe to the membership.

Speaking of Nintendo Switch, the hybrid console has been very successful as it has shipped million is units worldwide and third-party developers have taken notice of it.

Ubisoft has been one of the developers to support the hybrid console and the studio has announced Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for Nintendo Switch.

However, the game will be available in cloud form for Switch and will be exclusive to Japan just like the Resident Evil 7 for Nintendo Switch.

Not only that, Square Enix has also announced the Final Fantasy 15 Pocker edition for Nintendo Switch along with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Furthermore, Dead Cells sales on Switch have surpassed the PS4 version along with surpassing the expectations of the developers.

What do you think of the Switch Online Membership? Is it a good step from Nintendo to allow My Nintendo coins as a payment method? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Nintendo

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