We Just Might See Usain Bolt In FIFA 19

The worlds fastest man, Usain St Leo Bolt seems to be the highlight lately, regarding something that you just might find a little bit odd and interesting, perhaps. It seems like we just might possibly see Usain Bolt In FIFA 19, that is, if he is able to strike a permanent deal with the Australian soccer club, Central Coast Mariners.

The Central Coast Mariners have recently given confirmation that they have been conducting negotiations with Usain Bolt. The negotiations are being done, on whether he should be added to the club or not. That said, the club is considering to give the world’s fastest man a six-week trial, to determine his future with Central Coast Mariners.

What does this have to do with FIFA 19? Well if he is able to strike a permanent deal with the Central Coast Mariners then we can expect to see, Usain Bolt In FIFA 19.

Be that as it may, for the Olympic champion this is not the first time he has made an attempt, at becoming a permanent member in a professional soccer club. Previously he tried for Borussia Dortmund and Strømsgodset, unfortunately, he was not able to sign a professional contract with either.

However, now there might be a chance with Central Coast Mariners. That said, upon hearing the news, it got most thinking, assuming that if he does strike the deal, what stats would he be given by EA Sports in FIFA 19.

One thing we knew for sure and that was his speed, everyone has their bets that his pace would be the highest in the whole of the game. Most have their minds set for a straight up 99 PACE, however, if we are to take this seriously, Bolt may be the world’s fastest man but that title he earned by winning 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters relays.

When it comes to soccer, his stamina just might be tuned a tad differently, considering that and many other things it certainly won’t be to easy for him to be successful in the trail, but you never know he just might surprise us.

That said, did you take a look at the new appearance of the guy, who would be featured in the main cover of FIFA 19? Yes Cristiano Ronaldo, since he recently swapped from Real Madrid to Juventus, the devs of the game have rolled out his latest appearance.

Anyways, what are your thought on Usain Bolt making his way in FIFA 19? Would you like to see that happen? Let us know in the comment below.