Fans Finally Getting Their Usain Bolt FIFA 19 Prayers Answered By EA Sports

Fans have been rooting for Usain Bolt to make it to the latest installment of FIFA and look like the time has come. Many were hoping EA Sports would include the world’s fastest man at the launch of the game but didn’t happen. Now that he is close to signing his contract the Usain Bolt FIFA 19 dream could finally come to a realization.

The Olympian sprinter has started to make a name for himself in the football world. A while back, Bolt had a trial with the A-League side Central Coast Mariners. But only recently he made an unforgettable debut with the club in a friendly match. His performance in the match could lead to the Usain Bolt FIFA 19 rumors becoming true.

Usain took the world by surprise after bagging in two goals on his first match for the Australian side. This has helped the former athlete to get offers from European clubs as well. Although Bolt needed to get a pro contract before now it looks like he might not need it after all.

It is being suggested that the next winter FIFA 19 update could include Usain Bolt as well. Though Central Coast Mariners haven’t offered him a contract yet. The speedster could get featured as a free agent in the FIFA 19 roster.

Furthermore, a source from EA Sports declared to Fox Sports Asia that Bolt will be the fastest in FIFA 19. Now, the next thing to see is how the FIFA 19 ratings treat him. Although, speed is the top trait of Usain Bolt soccer is not something he has an experience in.

Still, as the recent study suggests fans would like to enjoy the FIFA 19 gameplay more than watching the ratings might not even matter. All everyone wants is being finally able to live the Usain Bolt FIFA 19 dream. EA Sports could also get an edge by giving the fans what they want.

Developers didn’t waste any time to remedy the FIFA 19 glitch about Petr Cech’s helmet in the first update. EA is also started to give a close watch to the Ronaldo rape allegations case.

They might even remove Cristiano from the FIFA 19 cover. Spiderman PS4 has started to take over FIFA 19 downloads lately despite a good start.

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