Upload Yourself into WWE 2K16 with the Studio Creator

If you ever dreamed of being a WWE Superstar or Diva then now may be your choice, in game form at least. All you’ll need to do is download the WWE 2K16 Studio Creator.

As seen in some other sports games, WWE and 2K announced today that the WWE 2K16 Creation Studio will be released on iOS and Android devices shortly after the launch of the main game. Below you can see a gallery of some preview images from the app:

As you can see from the app, it’s not just your face that can be uploaded, but also logos to be included in the game. I’m sure there will be plenty of people who come up with some novel ideas of what can be uploaded. 2K appear to be aware of this too with the “flag as inappropriate” option on one of the screens.

The Superstar creation side of wrestling games have always been popular, and have been a part of the WWE games all the way back to the SNES versions. People spend many hours creating characters, then adding moves to their repertoire then taking them to the ring to try them out. Hopefully this mode will continue to be just as fun as in some of the previous games.

When WWE 2K16 launches October 27 for North America, October 29 for Australia, and October 30 for Europe it will be interesting to see what uses this new app will be used for. There will be more of a focus on if the wrestling game itself can bring back some of the past glory of the fighting games, or have they just past their prime?

Are you still a fan of the WWE games? Will you be uploading your face to the game? Let us know your thoughts below.

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