Upgraded Switch Model To Only Launch If Nintendo “Can Create A New Experience”

Nintendo has reportedly been readying a new and upgraded Switch model to extend the lifecycle of its favorite hybrid console. Nintendo has now come to note another all-important purpose of launching a new Switch model.

Speaking with Yahoo Japan in a recent interview, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa stated that the Switch is in the “middle stage” of its life cycle and with an expanding player-base, extending that life cycle becomes necessary. That being said, Nintendo will only launch an upgraded Switch model if Nintendo believes the new console “can create a new experience.”

“I haven’t decided at all what year it will be released,” said Furukawa when asked about new hardware development. “In order to make one piece of hardware, we have to make various preparations for several years, so the reality is that we are doing it without stopping.

“The deciding factor for final commercialization is ‘can we create a new experience?'” noted Furukawa.

Furukawa further stated that Nintendo considers it “very important for each customer to continue playing with the Switch.” He revealed that some customers have been playing since the beginning of launch while many others have been “inspired” by games such as Atsumori. Hence, hardware and software go hand in hand to address longevity. The suggestion being that an upgraded Switch model requires new games to push the hybrid console forward.

Last month, during an earnings call, Furukawa stated that Nintendo would not be announcing an upgraded Switch model “anytime soon.” The current Switch model still has a lot of games heading its way, many of which were announced only recently. There is also the elusive Breath of the Wild sequel in the mix that remains missing in action.

Nintendo Switch was launched back in 2017 and will presumably be entering into its fifth year on the market with a brand new and more powerful Switch model. Dubbed as the Nintendo Switch Pro by fans, the new model will reportedly feature support for 4K resolution when paired with a display while docked.

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