Upcoming Monster Hunter World Content Rumored To Include New Areas, Possibly G Rank

Now that Monster Hunter World is coming out, players need to be getting ready for upcoming Monster Hunter World content, which is rumored to include new areas, new monsters, and even the possibility of a G rank being added in. This all comes from a leak from a Japanese Reddit post.

The post, which was translated from Japanese by Reddit user mvpeast, talks about how upcoming Monster Hunter World content will be coming in three big phases over the next three seasons. The new content seasons will include three new areas (a dragon plateau, an island zone, and a winter zone), and the G rank, the highest rank in Monster Hunter, is slated to come in Fall with the PC release.

All of these new areas will bring with them new challenges, likely including new monsters, new weapons and armor, and new hazards. While players may quickly get used to everything in areas like the Ancient Forest, the Rotten Vale, the Wildspire Wastes, and other locations that were available on launch, new areas from the upcoming Monster Hunter World content might be good for a challenge.

G rank, on the other hand, is something that’s in a whole other league. While many Hunters in the game will likely get to the top of the High Rank system, G-rank is in a whole other league, as it describes players who can take down Elder Dragons, which will be some of the monsters getting new members in the content updates.

However, even with the possibility of upcoming Monster Hunter World content, some Redditors are calling foul about it, saying that it reads more like some sort of wishlist than anything real. Others say that there’s too much content to be created in that short of a span of time.

Either way, we’ll just have to see if this supposed leak of upcoming Monster Hunter World content turns out to be true.