Upcoming Mod Brings Game Of Thrones Aesthetics, Houses And More In Kingdom Come Deliverance

The upcoming RPG, Kingdom Come Deliverance, that is being developed by Warhorse studio is having its Mod being built by the Seven Kingdom development team, that captures the Game of Throne’s world Houses and Aesthetics.

The Mod will be introducing 25 playable armies with about 30 photorealistic characters attempting to recreate and portray a picture of one of the most loved series.

Introducing similar landscapes, equipment, uniforms the mod attempts to give its players a closer picture of the medieval world of Game of Thrones.

This Mod also brings the emotional attachment that fans of Game of Thrones have into this game by giving its players the touch of tragedy, heartbreak, loss, betrayal, heroism and so much more.

The major concern that arises is, how can a mod be built before the release of the game? Well without a complete access to the game it is not possible but some major root work, can be done before the game, things like 3D assets that contain armor, weapons and more can be designed and developed externally.

The developers, Seven Kingdom have made this clear that although this Mod will be taking some details from the book still it will be only focusing on the TV series version of Games of Thrones. So some of the things like House Bar Emmon or Vargo Hoat will not be in the Mod.

The Game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance itself is something that is already unique in its own way. The game is itself broadcasting over millions of words worth of narrative content to make the dialogue and the storyline more intense, by filling the gaps between the huge and unpredictable battles.

The Game also enables the players to make choices with their characters that alter the storylines and more. Other than the Mod the game it self-brings so much for the players’ non-linear story, majestic castles, vast fields, challenging combat, character development, a dynamic world and much more.

The mod previously was for Attila: Total War it offered a very little margin to fully add stuff and be able to synchronize them as it offered a little modding support. Hence the Seven Kingdom developers moved towards creating the mod for Kingdom Come Deliverance as it uses the powerful CryEngine which provides a lot of space to render stuff.

Although the date for the mod has not been set at least until the release of the Game Kindom Come: Deliverance which is scheduled to be released on February 13 and will be available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.