Until Dawn Will Release on June 24, According to Amazon Listing

Once again, we are here to report a probable release date from Amazon. Although Sony is yet to reveal an exact release date for PS4 exclusive Until Dawn, but that didn’t stop Amazon from listing the game with a release date.

According to the listing, Until Dawn will release on June 24 this year. We don’t know how true this is but the title was indeed expected in Q2. The listing was posted on Amazon Germany, which you can see by following the link.

That’s not the only news, it seems people at Amazon Germany aren’t in-touch with the latest happenings for our industry. That’s because they have also listed Rise of the Tomb Raider for PlayStation 4. There would have been a bit more weight to Until Dawn’s June 24 release, if Rise of the Tomb Raider wasn’t listed for PlayStation 4.

Now it just looks like a mistake on Amazon’s part, which is common by the way. I bet if I keep looking, I will find plenty of mistakes or leaks on Amazon.

It’s unlikely Sony will respond to a leak from the retailer, so there’s no point asking for one. To me it doesn’t look right, but you never know. The game has been in development for a while and Sony should announce a release date in the coming month or so.

Take this leak with a massive grain of salt and be patient until Sony makes the release date official.

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